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One Down and 364 to go.


So, our first wine of the year . . . now this may come as a huge surprise for folks who know us . . . was actually a WHITE wine.

Yes, these lovers of red wine opened our quest to taste and talk about 365 different wines over the next year with . . . a white wine . . . a Sauvignon Blanc to be exact.

Let’s set the stage . . . first we had the wine with dinner at a nice little place in Georgetown, Texas called the Fish City Grill.  We had great company  as Jean’s Dad, Bill joined us for dinner and tonight’s inaugural bottle of wine.  We ordered a 2011 Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc.

Now, Brian thought it had a great aroma of apricots…Jean got apricot and papaya and Bill got the same . . . when it came to taste – pucker up big boy  – it was a lemon/lime drop to beat the band!  Adding food to the mix made things different – for Brian, a plate of red beans and rice meant a pretty fair amount of spice, so the wine became more of a palate cleanser than a tasty wine with dinner.  Jean enjoyed a cup of roasted jalapeno cheese soup and Bill had a cup of Crab Bisque and between the two of them, the wine cut the spiciness of the food and at the same time it really cut the lemon/lime finish.

The wine definitely got better as it opened up and having a great meal of fish tacos to go with the wine really made for a nice combination.  The wine sold for $31 at the restaurant which means it probably retails for around $15/$16.  To be totally honest, Brian would prefer to drink this wine on the back porch with a nice breeze and some smoked gouda cheese while Jean would definitely enjoy this with spicy food to make it more palatable.

Either way not a bad first tasting and the stage is set for tomorrow . . . until then – Cheers !

Always remember to enjoy responsibly.


4 thoughts on “One Down and 364 to go.

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. Thanks for the start and I look forward to reading all about these wines and trying one myself.

  2. Great job

  3. Great idea! Look forward to reading and drinking wine with you along the way!

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