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Day Five – Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL??

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So, tonight is the opening of a new NFL season and around these parts, football is taken pretty seriously (especially when the Rams take the field).  Coinciding with the start of tonight’s season is our wine of the night and how appropriate that we chose, Michael David’s 2009 Freakshow Cabernet.  Before we start to review this gem, we want you to know that some of the best wines in California are coming out of this winery in Lodi.  Lodi is a town known for its’ Zinfandel wines, but thanks to wines like Seven Deadly Zins, Lust, Gluttony, Petite Petit and now, Freakshow, Michael David is changing the face of wines from this region.

If Petite Petit (don’t worry, you’ll be hearing more about this wine later) is a field goal in the wine world, Freakshow is a TOUCHDOWN!  This cab is big, bold, and ready to drink from the minute you pop the cork.  The nose is amazing . . . vanilla, anise, black cherry, oak and smoke.  Wow,  what a combination!  It’s like an Eli Manning to Victor Cruz pass play . . .  pure poetry!  After sampling this big wine, you’ll get all of the taste you’d expect and a long finish that makes this wine a potential Super Bowl Champion.  Wow, the vanilla on the mid-palate all the way down is something to behold . . . better than a holding penalty on the Cowboys! (of course any penalty on the Cowboys in this house is a welcome sign and where is Kurt Warner when you need him?).

As you can see by the label, Michael David takes their wine seriously, but their labels — not so much.  It’s very similar in design to another of our favorites, Petite Petit (yes, we promise this one will be worth the wait).  Always remember to never judge a book by its cover.  To make it a clean sweep, we tried some dark chocolate and this wine did not disappoint; the flavor comes through loud and clear with food . . . we had homemade pizza tonight, with lots of minced garlic, prosciutto ham, black forest ham, Canadian bacon, red peppers, red onions, black olives, green olives, and sliced mushrooms.  This wine scored a first down in taste with food and dessert. 

Now, we completely understand that five days into this 365 day odyssey, we have yet to sample a bad wine.  Is it a coincidence or just good coaching?  We prefer to think that over the years between Grape Juice, The Main, Spec’s, Gabriel’s and Twin Liquors that we’ve been the recipients of pretty good coaching.  So, when given the opportunity to get into the game with a variety of different wines, we really are trying some amazing varietals.  According to their website, “pound for pound our Cab over delivers, with a bouquet of dark cherry, blackberry, bubblegum and roasted spices. Full-bodied and mouth filling with gobs of dark berry fruit, charred oak, vanilla and cassis with dusty tannins and a lasting finish.”

Let us be clear, we’ve enjoyed all of our wines so far, but this 2009 Freakshow Cabernet is a MUST buy.  If you like big wines – with a big taste and a big finish – this wine should be your number one draft pick.  Truth be told, we wish that we had purchased more than one.  At right around $20 a bottle (less if you watch for it to go on  sale), you’ll probably find wines that cost more and not taste as good as this wine.  So, as the National Football League opens its’ 2012 season, we suggest you “run” to your favorite store but don’t “pass” on this wine because if you do, you’ll get “blocked” from a great “scoring” opportunity! 

Speaking of scoring, we are going to unveil a “scoring system” of our own on wines.  Since we have three dogs, Pepper, Andie and Jasmine (photos coming soon of this motley crew), it seems only appropriate that we rate our wines tasted with one dog, two dogs or three dogs . . . one being least and three being best.  For tonight’s selection, and to quote a rock group from the late 60’s and early 70’s – it’s a three dog night!!!

Until tomorrow, FIRST DOWN . . . !

Remember to always enjoy responsibly and recycle when possible.


One thought on “Day Five – Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL??

  1. Can’t wait to try ours and the pizza sounds fabulous!

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