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Day Six – Sometimes Dinner Is a Snack!

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When two people work, some days one person gets home early and the other stays late and on other days, the other person gets home early and one person stays late.  In reality, it doesn’t matter who stayed late and who got home early.  What is important?  Which wine are we going to try tonight?

So, it’s Thursday night and we’re on the front door step of an amazing weekend.  A home football game against a pirate group from Lubbock on Saturday is one of so many things going on in this amazing town.  You know, there aren’t too many places in this State, that can boast a top quality high school, a top quality university, a top quality outlet mall, a top quality river and a top quality business community!  Yes, there are places where one or two of these reign true, BUT all in one place?  Nope, it’s right here in San Marcos, Texas.

Brian had the opportunity to help Corridor Title Company celebrate its’ first anniversary in San Marcos by judging a homemade ice cream competition.  Now, bear with us because ice cream and wine have almost NOTHING in common!!  There were eleven (11) count them, eleven different ice creams – from cherry to malt and from mint chocolate to bacon (yes, bacon) to cinnamon and everything in between!  He never thought he’d say “enough is enough” but after that many different tastes, it was time to declare a winner, take a pepcid and call it a day!

Our wine tonight is from The Land Down Under (only wishing it was Hall’s Darwin – but that is yet another wine to be tried later).  Peter Lehman is a winemaker from Australia that produces incredible Cabs, Shiraz, Cab Franc’s and much more.  The wine we enjoyed was a blend that included Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz; the wine was vinted  in 2008 and is a full-bodied wine with incredible structure and a big, bold taste that won’t let you down.  Since it was a later-than-normal night, and one of us didn’t grace the doorstep until almost 8:30 p.m,  we enjoyed some fresh, raw vegetables with ranch dip and tortilla chips for munching . . . amazing how the wine responded to the food.

With an aroma of green pepper, blackberries, a dark cedar fragrance and black pepper, tonight’s wine had all it needed and more to stand tall.  The front and back palate was fruity with black cherry being the dominant taste, but not overshadowed by the cedar and black pepper on the nose.  As they say, it was good to the last drop – then off to the recycling bin.

One of the things that we have come to love over the years is a good bottle of wine from Australia (please note, we don’t really consider Yellow Tail as an good Australian wine even though it has a kangaroo on it); they’re consistently producing great tasting wines at affordable prices; it’s no wonder that we probably enjoy as many Australian wines each year as California wines.  Guess you know what that means – you’ll be hearing about more of them in the weeks ahead!

Looking back over a crazy evening, Peter Lehman offers some great wines for the price and you won’t be disappointed with this culinary masterpiece.  Tonight’s choice was yet another “too good to be true” price from our friends at Twins – cost less than $11.  Good thing tomorrow is Friday – means we will try to get home home on time, carve out some time to just breathe and take in the weekend adventures whatever they may be.

Remember to enjoy responsibly and always recycle whenever possible.


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