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Day 10: Monday, Monday – Sometimes it takes a little Perseverance. . .


You’ve often heard it said that people find little gems hidden among many artifacts, and we think that’s really true about wine.  By no means are we experts or conossieurs, but what we’ve learned is how to enjoy wines that we like.  There are so many varietals, so many wineries, so many winemakers, and ultimately, most of us are just looking for that bottle that allows us to sit on the back deck with a fire in the pit and sip a really good wine.  For those of us willing to try many wines to find that really good wine, it requires Perseverance . . . which, coincidentally, is the name of our wine tonight.  We bought out a 2009 Perseverance Old Vine Zinfandel from Great Domains and Estates in Sonoma County, California.

To be honest with you, we’ve had Zin’s that cost a lot more than this $15 bottle of wine (which we picked up as part of that GREAT sale at Twin for about $4 less) that fall short on taste, don’t have much of a nose and disappear on the mid and back palates, but not THIS Zin.  The first thing you’ll notice about this wine is its’ dark, purple color – oh, so rich and velvety-looking as it pours out of the bottle.  Next, when you put your nose to the glass, you’re greeted by an abundance of fruit – plums, black cherries mixed together in a big glass of cobbler!  Mix in some vanilla and a little anise, and you have the makings of a beautiful Zin!  Swirling it in your glass will only intensify the aromas, and that’s when you’ll realize that you’re salivating in anticipation of the first sip.  You will NOT be disappointed; this wine is big, bold, beautiful and is everything about it’s name and MORE!  It is a testament to some of the exceptional zinfandels that come out of the Sonoma County area.  When we were there back in 2008, we tried some of the best including one of our all time favorites, Seghesio (yes, there is a great story about how fun it is to people watch from our visit here – but, as we learned last night . . . there is always a story).  This wine has all the makings of a classic from our perspective; it’s finish is long and luxurious, the flavors on the palate just keep going and going.  Interestingly enough, when paired with the classic Reese’ s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups – it brings out the peanut butter more so than the chocolate – interestin’, very interestin’ (thank you Arte Johnson).

So, we wanted to learn more about this vineyard and the humble beginnings of such a bold wine, and according to our research, it’s from the same folks who make The Culprit (who knew?), which was part of the Ernie Banks tribute last Saturday night.

Reviewers of this wine consistently marvel over the fruit, the vanilla, the smoothness of taste and the amazing finish.  So for a Monday, with a full week of work ahead of us, the idea of ‘persevering’ through the week seemed like a good theme to get things started.  Those who know us well, know that we are true Zin lovers, so it’s not going to come as any surprise to them that we’re raving about this wine, BUT when you taste it, you’ll be hooked, just like we were, and you’ll be ‘persevering’ right along with us.

Have a great Tuesday, and we’ll be back here tomorrow night with another selection.  Being 10 days into this already, we’ve been on a real rollercoaster of flavors . . . which is half the fun of doing this in the first place.  Until tomorrow, cheers and thanks for reading.  Would love to hear your feedback and comments.

Remember to always enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


2 thoughts on “Day 10: Monday, Monday – Sometimes it takes a little Perseverance. . .

  1. It is great to have my friends Jean and Brian share their knowledge and wealth of experience on a subject they truly love – what a commitment to make … 365 days of sampling, eating and sharing! I know that they are “up for the task!” Thanks for blogging your stories, filled with great information on wine, along with personal stories that enhance the flavor!

  2. I can’t wait to try it. I wish I would of seen your previous comments on wines for days 1 -9. Kristy shared your story with me. I will be waiting.

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