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Day 34: Ryan Express

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34 – it’s one of Jean’s favorite numbers because her favorite baseball player, Nolan Ryan wore that number when he was with the Astros in the early 80’s and with the Rangers in the late 80’s/early 90’s.  Nolan’s pitching prowess is well documented throughout baseball lore.  We have an autographed picture of Nolan following the Robin Ventura fight, several autographed baseballs, a ticket stub that Sister Sara got signed when meeting Nollie in an elevator.   Heck, we even planned a vacation around watching Nolan inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame – one of those trips that sealed daughters #1 an #2 as baseball fans.  We could write a whole blog about that adventure, but for now will suffice in saying it was so awesome to be there on his special day.  When it came to being competitive, there are few in his class.  As the Rangers play game 163 tomorrow for the opportunity to continue in the playoffs, we can’t help but think of their owner’s fiery spirit and hope they do well – just as we hope the Cardinals do well against Atlanta.

But it’s Nolan Ryan that made us think about comparing our wine selection tonight.  Because when you think of him, you don’t think boring, dull, lifeless–instead you think intimidating, overpowering, dominating.  That’s the kind of pitcher he was.  We saw him pitch many times in the Astrodome and remember how his presence combined with a bunch of young pitchers and other players that turned around a perennial losing franchise.  A last note on the Astros – farewell to the National League – you will be missed.  Perhaps lady luck awaits you in the “junior circuit”.

So even though tonight’s wine is a 2010 Apothic Red blend, and before you turn your nose up at this discounted, delicious little wine, consider it’s characteristics.  Awesome fruit  – – – – –  lots of fruit.  Awesome vanilla – – – – – –  lots of vanilla and a finish that wines three and four times the price don’t have.  Available for less than $10 a bottle, you may not serve it to  your boss and his/her spouse, but if you’re in a pinch with folks coming over, then don’t worry about pouring this wine.  It’s available at your local H-E-B.

It’s kind of funny, we looked up the word ‘apothic’ and the meaning was – “Generally used to describe a dull, boring, or depressed person.  Some examples : Quit being so apothic, your killing everyone’s fun.”  We had a pretty good laugh about this.  So Nolan Ryan is NOT Apothic.  But, this wine is Apothic Red and it is NOT dull, boring or depressed.  It’s a good-value, everyday bottle of wine when you’re in the mood to have a bottle of wine.

Have a good night – it is always better knowing tomorrow is Friday – another week under our belts.

Thanks for reading and thanks for enjoying wine – like us, we hope you continue to enjoy good wine in a responsible manner and recycle whenever possible.




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