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Day 63 – Taking Time to Remember . . .

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In our faith, we celebrate two special days this time of year, All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  While many think these two days are one in the same, they are not.  While both commemorate those who have passed from this world into the next, there is a difference between the days.  Rather than go into great depths and try to explain the two days, we’ve chosen today to stop and remember those that have left the confines of this world and moved to the next.  Ok, so by now you’re thinking this might be a bit too heavy for a wine blog – but sit tight as we just take a minute to say howdy to some pretty wonderful people that have been part of our lives.

Margaret, Hugh, Pat, John Joseph, Spud, Bernard, Ernie, Betty, Virgina, Dorothy, Lawrence, Sid, John N., Bucky, Joe, Annette, Greg, Homer, Sister Mercia, Carr, Peter, Chris, John K., Mark S., Hozie, Ray, and so many others, some we knew well – some not well at all – we are thankful for the time we had with you, albeit too short.  You touched our lives, made us better people and for that we are thankful.  You made us laugh, made us cry, gave us life, gave a reason to be – in short, you left a thumbprint on our hearts that will remain forever.  Thank you for being you and a part of us.

In honor of these special people, we broke out a very special wine.  From Rutherford, California, we opened 2004 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was a gift of thanks from a close friend – what better wine to give thanks to those we love and miss.  This is a wine that has been known to put others to shame.  And, while we’ve been pretty free with the word ‘big’ in describing our wines thus far, BIG is an understatement tonight.  This wine was meant to be sipped and not gulped – which we did, reluctantly!  The nose was all oak .  .  . medium toast – just guessing.  When you get a wine like this, well, you know you’re in for a bottle full of life.  It’s WHY we chose this specific wine – if we’re going to celebrate the lives of people who have been important to us, then we needed to celebrate with one of the best.  The fruit on the front of the palate is magnificent, like tree ripened fruit at the peak of sweetness but made subtle by the hints of spice, nutmeg and pepper.  The mid-palate for us was flavorful, fruitful and inspiring.  And, the finish – like so many full-bodied wines we’ve had in the past, this one finished for a long, long time.  The finish is like throwing a rock into the water and watching the rings grow out from where the rock went in .  .  . they just keep going and going and going – just like this wine.  Tonight’s wine isn’t in the pricing category of what we normally like to write about, but because it’s a special wine in remembrance of special people, we felt like it was a good time to enjoy great memories of people who meant a lot to us.

In less than three weeks, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving and then just a few short weeks after that Christmas followed by New Years, so before things got going at a crazy speed, we thought that tonight we’d share our personal thoughts along with a terrific wine that means a lot to us.  We hope you’ll indulge us by stopping for a moment and thinking about the special people in your lives who have come and gone all too quickly, but their impact on your life remains true to this day.  This is what will make your next glass of wine that much better because you’re celebrating those people who helped get you where you are today .  .  . and in our book, that’s a cause for celebration!!

When you do open that special bottle of wine – whether it’s a 2004 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon or not – please enjoy it responsibly and recycle whenever possible.  One last request – next Tuesday, November 6th is Election Day.  Who you vote for is your choice, but voting gives us ALL a voice.  Please take time to vote.  Until tomorrow, CHEERS!


One thought on “Day 63 – Taking Time to Remember . . .

  1. Nice bottle, for a great reason! It would be great if you brought one to Thanksgiving

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