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Day 72: Chili Today – Hot Tamale . . .

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You knew it was a matter of time before we brought back another one!  We gave you a glimmer of hope with a review of a really nice white wine earlier this past week.  But, no – back to Zin!!  There is a common bond with Zin lovers; it’s almost impossible to separate us from our passion.  We just can’t help ourselves – we’re hooked.

After a busy day of chores, errands and laundry (and of course some FOOTBALL tossed in there, tonight, we settled in to watch another episode of The Amazing Race, and we don’t know about you, but there is an inner nagging for us to attempt this show.  Okay, as long as there is NO eating of insects or other raw creatures of the earth, we think we can make this.  From the physical tests to the mental tests and from the cultural tests to the cultural tests .  .   . this is a show made for couples.  We qualify beyond the shadow of a doubt – and if the stars of the world ever aligned with the planets, then we might have something going!!  Seriously, it’s always been a ‘dream’ of ours to make that show – we’ve watched every episode of this show almost without fault and believe that we are destined to be a part of it.  We have even gone as far as downloading the application when they “interviewed” in Austin a few years back – but didn’t think our respective employers would give us time extended time off needed – maybe one day!

Tonight’s wine is a 2009 Zinfatuation from Trinchero.  This is a decent wine. Nothing about it is over the top. A smooth to medium-bodied effort with good fruit, nothing overly ripe or concentrated. it had some cherry and raspberry, light to moderate tannin structure, and slightly better than average length.  It’s a simple wine for folks who need a simple wine.  You won’t be tasting huge amounts of fruit with this wine.  Trinchero has an excellent reputation as a wine maker that is willing to stick its’ neck out for the product being made or the customer making the purchase.  Zinfatuation is an alright product; we enjoyed it this evening with homemade chili complete with soda crackers and a relaxing dinner hour.  We picked them little gem up in College Station at World Market for under $10 on sale – so for the money, it was a tasty treat.  No matter how you slice it, this wine isn’t a bad addition to your holiday collection; for us, it’s a step closer to realizing our goal of reviewing 365 wines in 365 days.  Enjoy this product with the understanding that it’s probably going to get better as time gos by.

Here’s to the start of a hopefully less hectic week at Casa del Vino in preparation of T’day – which means a meeting of the three F’s – – – – Family, Food and FOOTBALL!  There will be lots to be talking about next week.  Chances are good there will be a pinot or two on the horizon and we are looking forward to a “cool” snap – about all we can hope for in these parts of Texas.

Zinfatuation is but one step on the wine journey of life; remember to enjoy YOUR wine responsible and recycle whenever possible.


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