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Day 88: One Step Forward – Two Steps Back . . .

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Ok, so for the second night in a row we have to make a correction . . . a friend that Jean works with said she got a chuckle of out us getting our days mixed up (shout out to Margaret!) – and tonight we have to correct the location of where we purchased last night’s wine – it was not Trader Joe’s, it was Max’s Wine Dive in San Antonio (apologies to Julie – she asked what Trader Joe’s).  Albeit – regardless of what day it was or where it was purchased – it was a really nice bottle of vino.  All of these miscues just go to show that we are human and do make mistakes – but, as Baby’s Dad said in Dirty Dancing – ” when I’m (we) are wrong, I (we) say I (we) I’m (we) wrong” – – whew, did that make sense . . . if you’ve seen the movie, you get the line.  For the record – we also don’t put Baby in the corner . . . thank you Johnnie (love, love, love Patrick Swayze).

Now that the record is set straight – let’s get to the day’s happenings.  What a great treat we had to day at lunch – the chance to “meet in the middle” and enjoy a noontime gathering for a meal together.  Since we work about 40 miles apart, the chance to meet midday and enjoy one another’s company is a special treat.  We enjoyed some BBQ midway between office A and office B.  As the day wrapped up, we arrived home to do some work on a painting project that is underway and connect with daughter #1 and daughter #2 via text and phone – a rare treat indeed.  A sit down with the latest episode of Chopped and bamn it’s 10:00 p.m. and soon we will turn into pumpkins – that’s what happens when no children are at home to keep us in line.  We tend to fall asleep on the couch – or recliner, take your pick.  We are truly the last of a dying breed – “empty bedroomers” – surely not “empty nesters” as #1 and #2 are still on the payroll.

So for tonight – yes, all facts have been validated – so no typos . . . we selected from the wines we purchased at World Market in College Station a cute little wine called Los Dos from Spain.  This wine is a 2011 Grenache – Syrah from Campo De Borja, Spain.  Sorry, you will have to provide your own map if you need to know exactly where Campo De Borja is located.  The wine has a screw top (no, that doesn’t mean anything – some of our favorite with are screw tops) – and had an interesting nose.  Well, interesting in that we were overwhelmed by the scent of coffee.  Lots of coffee . . . in fact we thought that Juan Valdez was in the room with us – which gave way to blueberries and cranberries as it opened up and there was a hint of vanilla after it had been open for about 30 minutes.  On the taste, well, maybe it’s just us, but whenever we taste blends with Grenache – this one is 85% Grenache and the balance is Syrah – we get a sweet and sour combination that doesn’t always taste like we think it should taste.  As with the nose, as the wine opened up, the flavors of the fruit and the subtle taste from the oak started to come through.  For a bottle of wine that cost less than $10, you probably would want to try it for yourself to decide if it’s worth buying more.  As it’s a 2011, the wine is still very young and there may continue to be some bottle aging but we feel like it’s got a relatively short life span.  In the long run, there are probably other, better, value-priced wines on the market – we’ve got more to go so keep reading–than this one.  But, if you’re looking  – (as Monty Python used to say, “And now for Something Completely Different”) – then have a go at it!  For the price ($8.49 on sale) it’s a bargain.

While we won’t hang our heads in shame at our mistakes, we know that you want accurate information, and while we’d like to use the reason for the error as we just didn’t see it coming – in all reality, the more feedback we get, the better our facts will be.  Last night’s wine was really good and tonight’s wine was, well, really – not so much.  We look forward to tomorrow night and another tasting; until then please remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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