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Day 89 – Join The Band . . .


One of Brian’s favorite albums (we’re dating ourselves) of all time is The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-released in June 1967. . .it is–in one simple word–a classic!

Back in the mid-2000’s, our good friend, Joe Herring, Jr. who was a part of a statewide consortium–kind of a think-tank for well-connected people–asked about putting on a street dance in the heart of downtown Kerrville–on the Star–so when the team from all over the state of Texas came out from their evening’s meeting would see a downtown alive with music, people and fun!   Being no wall flowers to a challenge, we jumped at the opportunity; after all, the once famous Harvest Moon Dance was history and we needed something to light the place up.

After a meeting with the good folks from local radio station, ‘The Ranch 92 FM’. . .they were on board to help bring a band that would be remembered for a long time to come!  There are a ton of “tribute” bands whether for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles–you name them, chances are there is a tribute band to imitate them.  When the call came that we might be able to get ‘The Beatles – A Tribute” which included band members who had performed on Broadway. . .the die was cast.

It was a weekend to remember.  The guys were picked up in San Antonio–complete with a hand-made sign, and, thanks to Schreiner University, a van for all of their equipment!  They came from various points on the East Coast–New York, New Jersey, Maryland–each of them talented, easy to talk with and wondering what the heck they had agreed to by coming to Kerrville, Texas!  We–on the other hand–wondered what the heck did we buy?  Could these guys deliver on anything close to the sound of the original ‘Fab Four’?  We shouldn’t have worried. . .when they took the stage as the original ‘mop top’ band and started playing the old classics like “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “Hard Days Night”, we were hooked.

When they took a break and disappeared for 30 minutes and came back as Sgt. Pepper–looking, acting and sounding EVERY bit of the part, those of us in attendance were blown away.  It was indeed a night to remember.  These guys played longer than they had to and stayed around way past their contract because the good folks who cared enough to come out and hear them were truly entertained.  Tonight’s wine brought back this terrific memory…

So, we were at Trader Joe’s (yes, this WAS at Trader Joe’s) back on November 18th, and we came upon this little noticed label from Sonoma County, California. . .a 2010 The County Fair  The One Man Band Zinfandel which is 80% Zinfandel; 15% Petite Sirah and the other 5%–Who Knows???!

Wow–this is one that has never made the radar, so we felt “obligated” to try it!  The wine is produced by HDD LLC; the wine group owns several wineries and vineyards in California and are responsible for many Trader Joe’s exclusive wines.  The wine is a raspberry red in color. The nose is blackberry, coffee with vanilla  and cherry juice. It starts out with blackberry and blueberry, followed by a hint of coffee and black cherry. The mid palate brings in some spice, vanilla  a slight bite from the tannins in the back of your mouth. The finish is fairly strong and does linger. This is a Zinfandel that is not drinking badly now, but probably could have benefited from some more aging time in the bottle.  A good tasting, quality Zinfandel from Sonoma County that sells for $8.99 is a very good thing. Rich flavor, nice depth and cheap, what else can ask for. Dust off the BBQ grill and pour yourself a glass.  After a good laugh and some tortilla crusted tilapia and roasted potatoes with red onions and red peppers, we agree that it’s a nice little bottle of wine.

However, it’s start was suspect to say the least.  Jean had some Roasted Garlic Triscuits which seemed to mellow out the initial tasting and helped it go down as the wine opened up.  Would we serve this to the boss for dinner? (wouldn’t do that to ya Scott)  Probably not!  Would we open this with a fire in the pit?  Most definitely.  With a price point of $9.00, you’re probably not going to be disappointed in this wine.  Not the best – but definitely, not the worst.

While the guys from the Beatles Tribute band were playing some of the most listened to music in the history of rock n roll, Joe and his crew from all over the state, came out from their meeting to see a downtown full of people–music engulfing the streets and buildings–folks dancing to the beat.  It was a night to remember.  We haven’t forgotten and it was this wine that helped bring us back to a great night!

No matter what brings out your great nights, when you enjoy your favorite wine, please enjoy it responsibly.  And, remember to recycle whenever possible!


2 thoughts on “Day 89 – Join The Band . . .

  1. That was quite an evening. And you made it all possible. Thanks.

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