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Day 97: You Better Watch Out . . .

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Llama Malbec

It’s kind of funny. . .when we started this blog back at the beginning of September, our attitude was that we were going to do this even if nobody ever read what we wrote.  And then, after telling a few people who told a few more people, we found out that almost a dozen people were reading our blog—WOW, a dozen people!  We were HOOKED!  So, we kept on tasting and sampling and there were some days when four dozen people read our blog.  Now, we aren’t braggin’ but this was getting pretty cool!  The thought of a bunch of people who: A.) Liked or were interested in what we’ve been writing about to follow or B.) Stumbled upon the blog by sheer coincidence–and after a LOT of soul searching, we decided that ALL of our followers at that point were Type A readers!  To those who started with us and have stayed with us—‘thank you’! To those that have joined us lately – welcome aboard.

So last night we blogged about the Peachy Canyon Petite Sirah–(sorry Peachy Canyon folks, Brian’s spelling is sometimes atrocious!) and today we had a nice comment from the folks at Peachy Canyon.  Which was kind of cool.  And, while we are glad that they liked out post, it reminded us about why we’re doing this blog–we want to write about wine. . .pure and simple.  Wine is rapidly becoming a language of friendships–start talking about wine and you immediately find friends.  Start talking about wine and regardless of age, there are people who want to share their stories, their tastings, their favorites, their passion for the same thing that motivated us to start this whole thing in the first place.  We wanted to write about something that WE (as in Jean and Brian) are passionate about–WINE.  We already know that we’ve written about some amazing wines and we also know that we’ve written about some pretty lousy wines.  BUT, that’s a huge part of sampling wine–not everything is going to be a home run and not everything is going to be ‘rot gut’!

The good news for tonight is that we’ve gone back to Argentina–home of some amazing Malbecs–in the Mendoza region, which is home to some of the BEST Malbecs.  We are tasting a 2011 Old Vine Malbec called Llama.  This is a young wine but coming from vines producing fruit for almost 100 years is an indication that there might be something special going on in the bottle, AND there is.  While the wine is young-you notice it immediately on the nose upon opening-give this wine some time to open up.  Give it some air either with a Vinturi or by decanting it for 30-45 minutes.  You’ll immediately be impressed by the rich dark color, the earthy nose combined with a leather and cedar aroma that for us was quite intoxicating.  The taste was fruit – including plums, blackberries and a lot of spice that gives it much more life and body than you’d expect for such a young wine.  Some of the Malbecs coming out of the Mendoza region of Argentina are nothing short of amazing, but like many wines, you’ll need to sample, taste and decide for yourself if it fits your flavor profile.

We liked this little wine.  A sweet little find at World Market, this wine retails for just under $14 a bottle but if you’re a part of their wine club, you can enjoy this for as little as $12 a bottle–which if you’re looking for some nice wine for the holidays–this could fill your cart without breaking the bank!  No, it’s not Peachy Canyon’s Petite Sirah–but, given a choice between Llama and some of the others we’ve written about in the past week, we’ll gladly stock our shelves with this one.  Besides, Malbecs are becoming one of the hottest varietals in the states, so you may as well jump in at the beginning–it’s going to be a great ride.

As we wrap up a week, we pause to say thanks to all who stop to read what we write.  It’s truly our love of wine that motivates us to try the 365 different wines in 365 days and, let’s face it, challenges are tough to step down from. . .so give this wine a try and we’ll keep on bringing you options.  Thanks again to our friends at Peachy Canyon for their comments today.

With the start of the weekend on the horizon, please remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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