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Day 100: Savor Your Freedom . . .

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Mother's Milk!

Well, here we are at day 100!  It doesn’t seem possible that WAY back on September 1st, we started this blog as a way to talk about 365 different wines.  We laughed and we joked that we could do it without thinking about what really lay ahead.  In the scope of the world, 365 days is a mere blip on the radar screen.  After taking in Steven Spielberg’s, Lincoln with Dad/Bill, today, we totally believe that our blog isn’t even a blip on the radar of history.  From now until the end of time, only those whom we’ve touched or have touched us will ever know that this blog ever happened, BUT Abraham Lincoln – wow, he answered to a much higher calling and after watching Spielberg’s mastery in story telling, we are convinced that history got it right for him.  Lincoln was the “people’s President” even though his contemporaries refused to see it that way, and because of an assassin’s bullet, history never knew what could have happened in Lincoln’s administration post-Civil War.  We, as wine lovers – hope that our current President will take two and a half hours out of his day to see this film to give himself a better perspective of the cliff that he’s looking off . . .

While we don’t want to nor choose to get into political discussions, if you haven’t seen Spielberg’s picture, you really owe it to yourself . . . Daniel Day-Lewis is a show-stopper as Lincoln and Sally Field – well, let’s just say that if Mrs. Lincoln had a twin, Sally Field was IT!  But perhaps the most dramatic, well-acted, and believable part belonged to Tommy Lee Jones.  His talents are beyond most of us.  He is an actor of the highest regard – even if he did room with Al Gore!!!!  We won’t give away the story; nor will we divulge the characters, but rest assured that if you care the LEAST about our country’s history, you’ll spend the time to see this most OUTSTANDING movie.

And, a movie that is as outstanding as Lincoln, deserves a wine that is equally outstanding.  While we searched high and low for a wine from the State of Illinois in his honor, we came up empty, so we did the next best thing.  We went to the land down under, Australia to find a Shiraz that paired with our history and passion!!  Okay, so “Mother’s Milk” doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of wine you’d bring home to enjoy with family, BUT this is an Australian Shiraz – those two words typically mean –  “Big Wine”!  Now, we are a bit biased after enjoying a number of nice wines from Australia – which is exactly why we bought this wine at Central Market in Austin(yo Andy – this one’s for you) this weekend.  You gotta love the name, right?  But, wait until you taste the wine . . . this is 93 points-type wine.  Yep – serious Shiraz with boldness and beauty on  it’s side.  The raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry on the nose and the front of the palate are gorgeous as are the spices and ‘woody spice’ on the finish.  It’s amazing how a wine can offer such supple tannins with incredibly robust fruit flavors.  This was a $20 bottle of wine before the Central Market discount which brought it down to $17.  We’ve decided that with the holidays coming up; we’re going to get over to Central Market before the end of the day this Tuesday, December 11th and get some more of this wine (good thing Jean works in Austin and about 5 miles from Central Market on N. Lamar).  WOW. . so much flavor packed into one bottle of wine.  It’s like our taste buds have been set free!

As students of American history, we have a deep appreciation for films that connect with our past.  Whether you’ve seen Schindler’s List, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 or Lincoln, each of these films offer a glimpse of our past.  Part of growing our future – as we’ve been taught – is understanding our past and not repeating the mistakes of that past.  We certainly hope that our current leadership has a bigger vision than personal or political gain for the future of our country.  Lincoln had the “big picture” in mind when he fought for what he believed in – let’s hope and pray that our current leaders are able to do the same for our children, grandchildren and beyond.

So, tonight as you settle in with your favorite wine, please remember to enjoy it responsibly and recycle whenever possible!


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