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Day 101 – Not Dalmations!

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la cartuja

Do you remember the Disney Classic, 101 Dalmations?  You know, with Jasper and Cruella de vil . . . and Roger!  It’s always been one of our girls’ favorite movies.  We still remember when the ‘live action’ movie with Glen Close as Cruella de vil was trying to get the puppies for her fur coats!  The kids were a lot younger then and as a family, we really enjoyed that film.  Watching the animated version is almost like watching something in black and white – the best years are behind it, but it’s such a classic that you can’t pass it by!  We really liked and still remember from the animated movie, the Midnight Bark – you know, when one dog starts barking which leads to another dog barking and that leads to several more dogs barking!  It’s a symphony of dogs all howling and barking . . . some night that’s what it sounds like around the house – three dogs all sounding the Midnight Bark – oh, it’s only the wind . . . sorry to wake you Mom and Dad.

With tonight being our 101st sampling, we thought it was completely understandable to break out the ‘dogs’ . . . but we couldn’t find a copy of “Who Let The Dogs Out?”  Whoo, whoo, whoo, who . . . but, on to more important things like the fact is that many cases of wine  have been produced and enjoyed by people all over the world.  Tonight we made a trip to Spain and sampled one of our bargains from HEB – $16.99 . . . but on sale it was only $14.44!  We opened a 2011 Bodegas La Cartuja Priorat – what the heck is a Priorat, you ask – well . . .  the wine received 93 Points from Robert Parker’s, The Wine Advocate – wow, wow, wow is about all we can say! 

The wine is 70% garnacha and 30% carinena, and aged for eight months in used French oak.  We don’t know about you, but Used French Oak–is WAY better than we imagined!   The color is like that of our birthstone – ruby red.  The nose is a snoot full of smokey blackberry with just a hint of floral – perhaps lavender (had to rely on Brian for that tonight as Jean is all stuffed up – is it a cold, or is it the rapid change in weather? )  The taste is smooth on the palate with sweet dark berry flavors and perhaps a dab or two of cherry and licorice.  The finish is quite nice – soft and gentle tannins, but still a bit spicy . . . which is what we really enjoy.  Bottom line is, we’d buy again and enjoy with perhaps some smoked salmon or fresh red fish from the coast.

So, we wrap up #101 and heads towards Tuesday, and you know what that means – – – #102!  Who knows what awaits or what mood will strike!  Enjoy your Monday night (tough game Texans – – – sorry sister Sara – your team just didn’t have what it took tonight.  Better luck next week!)

As Roy Rogers would say – “happy trails to you until we meet again” – in the meantime, remember to enjoy responsible and recycle whenever possible.


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