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Day 102 – The Formula is F1

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F1One of the best parts about writing our nightly (daily?) blog is coming up with new headlines.  Both of us are products of the Stephen F. Austin State University Communications Department with an emphasis in Journalism.  So, whether it’s writing or headlines or photography. . .we’ve got it covered.  Or so we think!  Back on the weekend of November 16-17-18 in Austin, the Formula One Race weekend took part. . .the Circuit of the Americas track was new and open for business.  Almost 120,000 people attended the race on Sunday, November 18th.  These folks braved long bus lines; high hotel rates and great opportunities to enjoy Central Texas hospitality!  There were literally people from all over the world in this part of Texas.  For a country that has gone crazy over NASCAR, it seemed almost surreal that we could jump ahead to Formula One.  But, there are markets for products everywhere and for the folks at F1, they shouldn’t have been worried.  The weekend, as the numbers are beginning to show, had an incredible economic impact–not just in Austin–but in San Marcos and other communities as well.  Race fans from all over the world had a taste of Texas hospitality, and they LIKED it!  From early indications, many can’t wait until F1 next year!

And, although it’s a little bit late in the pecking order, tonight’s wine celebrates this great weekend in  our neck of the woods.  After a shopping trip to HEB’s Central Market in North Austin last weekend–and after a great tour of wines in stock from Andy–one of the bottles we selected was a French wine called, you might have guessed– ‘F’!

Yeah, we know–not exactly a name that will set the world on fire, but when you turn the bottle around to read the label, it says, ‘F1’.  Now, that is completely different!  From Orin Swift, mastermind Dave Phinney brings forth this 2011 wine with a lot to offer–“Grenache from the Roussillon, Syrah from the Rhone, and assorted Bordeaux varietals are sensibly blended in an original style that showcases the best of what this historic land has to offer. Following months of travel throughout storied growing appellations, winemaker Dave Phinney was able to secure prized vineyard sites to realize his objective. Utilizing a carte-blanche approach and forgoing tradition, a powerful and balanced wine emerged that justly pays homage to the country of France.”  All we know is that this wine is a WINNER.  Not being huge fans of French wine, we whole-heartedly endorse this wine…if you can get your hands on this wine, buy it.  Plain and simple–it’s got the big, bold flavor of California wines combined with the Rhone variety that you’d expect from a well-bred French blend.  When you open the bottle, you’ll be mesmerized by the aroma of spice and earth and just a slight bit of cranberry.  We loved how it opened up to a big, bold wine–uncommon for us and French wines. . .and probably a big part of the reason why we’d buy this again!  Truthfully, at less than $20 a bottle–thanks to Central Market’s big sale we were in the $15 range–it’s a terrific deal.

As a heads up, we’ve also been able to acquire another wine from Orin Swift and Dave Phinney–cutely labeled, ‘E’!  So, you’ll have to look forward to that one–in the days or possibly weeks ahead, and if you get a hold of this wine and taste it, you’ll definitely be tuned into our notes about ‘E’!  As French wines go, this is a really nice way to enjoy a good bottle at a reasonable cost!

So, mark your calendars for November 15-17, 2013–it’s Formula One in Austin and surrounding areas. . .and another opportunity to try ‘F’ from Locations and Orin Swift.  It’s a really nice wine for the price point especially as we head into the holidays. . .you’ll want to have some of this wine on hand.  Regardless of your wine of choice, please remember to enjoy it responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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