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Day 103 – Set Your Sights High

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Gunsight RockRemember the movie classics?  High Noon?  Twelve O’Clock High? Gunfight At The OK Corral?  Picnic At Black Rock?  We know . . . there are many who will read this and wonder, where in the world did they come up with those movies – well, since today was 12/12/12 . . . we thought it was appropriate to note that: A)…the world did NOT end and B)…we still have to sample, taste and review a wine.  Whew–we can’t tell you how happy we are that the world didn’t end today.  Now, we know that we’ll be dealing with this a week from Friday, but we’ve got almost 10 days of wine sampling between now and then!!!

Did you do anything special today?  Take a picture of your clock or watch with the month, date, year, hour and minute all at the same number?  Really?  Don’t you have anything better to do with your time than taking pictures of your clock?  We laugh at the thought of people opening their photo albums in 25-30 years with pictures from 12-12-12.  Yep, and now you’ve got kids of your own and you get to explain to them the significance of 12-12-12.  You may want to start thinking about it now.  Other than a lot of media hype about the date, what really is supposed to happen today?  Did it happen?  If it did, was it because of the date or was there something—logical—that made it happen?  No, wait, it DIDN’T happen because the date was 12-12-12. . .ahhhh, yes, of course, that’s the answer. . .we didn’t get rain, we didn’t win the lottery, we didn’t sign our favorite coach to a contract. . .ALL because the date today 12-12-12~!!

Tonight we decided to open a wine from our favorite California town, Paso Robles–Gunsight Rock is actually from the Don Sebastiani family of wines and this one sneaks up on you.  As a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s young and when you pull the cork–there is an intense aroma of smoky oak…toasted to a delicate perfection…as the wine opens up the fruit becomes front and center.  Amazingly, this wine has tannins, structure, fruit forward taste and a terrific oakiness.  We were pleasantly surprised, and with a regular price tag of under $13 and a sale price right at $11 a bottle, this one is good now, but we think it will be even better in 6-9 months.  If you’re fortunate enough to buy this wine–lay it down for the next 6 months.  It will reward you with an amazing bottle of wine!

We bought this at the Central Market wine sale last weekend and were totally impressed by its’ color, structure, nose and taste.  It exceeded what we thought it would deliver in all areas.  Probably a good reason why we buy and try wines differently from place to place.  The wine is full-bodied; it is the essence of the Paso Robles wine country.  We’ve talked plenty about wines from this part of California, so you know we have an automatic bias/preference for wines from this region.  You’ll need to try your own 2010 Gunsight Rock Cabernet Sauvignon.  We like it because we’ve become fans of Cab Sauv grapes from this area, but more than fruit, the wine is delicious and ready to be enjoyed.

Speaking of enjoyed, please remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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