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Day 129: Sisters Are Special . . .

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Seven DaughtersBrian grew up as the  youngest of five with a brother, three sisters and then himself.  Jean grew up with five sisters; four older than her and one younger.  Between the two of us, we understand what it means to have sisters. BOY, do we EVER!

When you’re the  youngest, sisters can shield you from the ‘wrath of Khan’ – otherwise known as – the parents!  BUT, at the same time, sisters can turn  you in like a ‘Crime Stoppers Video’!  It’s all in the matter of the situation.  Brian still remembers when his middle sister, Sharon, was graduating from high school and upon arrival home from school was greeted by a full staircase of her graduation photos.  Being a seventh grader, he was less than impressed and used a word that rhymes with ‘MUSTARD’ to describe the photos . . . of course, he had NO idea what he was talking about, but that didn’t stop the older, wiser sister from laying into him like a wrestler drinking Red Bull!  We’re not sure she remembers – – but he DOES!

Jean shared a story this weekend at her Dad’s 85th birthday – and Bill remembered it well – about a family driving vacation when all were in the car heading away from the coast when the need to A.) fill the tank with gas and B.) take care of business arose.  Everyone was told to get up and get out including the lump in the back of the car that was one of Jean’s sisters, except that the lump was just that – a lump!  And, Jean’s sister was 30 minutes back from where they came.  Yep, it’s easy to smile, giggle or even laugh now, but back then, it was NOT a good situation, but sisters are resilient and from what Jean has said, her sister was wandering around and oblivious they left!!!

Even with our own kids, we still remember going to the hardware store and Brian took our oldest daughter with him but forgot to let Jean know that he had he – a panicked moment ensued until all was well with our daughter and Dad, but it is a reminder that WE have a responsibility to not only watch our kids grow up, but also to be vigilant in their travels because one NEVER knows what could happen when you turn your head or close your eyes.  Our children – no matter their age – are our most precious resource!

All of this to lay the foundation for tonight’s wine.  Now, in all fairness, we had NO idea when we bought this at Gabriel’s that it would be worth two cents let alone the price of the wine.  Seven Daughters is a big blend – seven different grapes selected for this wine – with a lot of juice and taste.  According to them, “Seven Daughters Winemaker’s Blend is a celebration of an on-the-go lifestyle. By carefully combining the best grapes that California has to offer, Seven Daughters allow the unique differences in each varietal to unite together in a harmonious blend.”   According to us, The nose leans towards blackberry followed by lavender and vanilla.  The wine is very smooth, and it offers up some amazing fruit flavors. The wine opens on the palate with lots of red fruit ranging from blackberries and dried cherries. You can definitely tell that Syrah compliments the wine with a note of peppery spice, for a terrific finish.  At two for $13.99 at Gabriel’s, this is a ‘stock-up and save’ deal waiting for your shopping cart.  Don’t let the twist off cap or the ‘less than pedigree’ name sway you away from this wine, it’s a winner from the word ‘GO’ and is a really nice addition to any rack of everyday wines.

Whether it’s sisters, daughters, aunts or cousins, there is something special about all of them!  And whether we call them sisters or daughters, what really is important is that they are a key part of our lives.  And, as a parent, they are daughters; as a sibling they are sisters, and as a cousin – well, they’re still cousins!!  Special friends are considered “sistas” – never forget about them as well – they are important in our lives.  BUT, without them, life wouldn’t be the same and without trying Seven Daughters wine, you’d never know what a seven (7) grape blend would taste like.  Make it happen!!

As we wrap up our first Monday of 2013, we hope that you’ll appreciate your daughters or sisters, tell them that you love them and enjoy your favorite wine responsibly, and please remember to recycle whenever possible – – it reduces trash!


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