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Day 132 – Planet Remulac…Somewhere in France

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Domaine LaroqueBack in the mid-1970’s a show debuted on NBC at 10:30 p.m. (Central Time) on Saturday night. . .featuring a troupe of comedy performers that called themselves the “Not Ready For Prime Time Players”.  The show–still going strong 35+years later is Saturday Night Live, and some of the most memorable comedic skits have come from this show.  Admittedly, we have a special place in our hearts for this first group of performers that included Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Larraine Newman, Garrett Morris, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner and a little later, Bill Murray.

One of the funniest regular skits was The Coneheads. . .with Dan Akroyd playing the role as the “father” and Larraine Newman as the “mother”. . .several things still stand out today (without referring to Wiki) such as the need to consume mass quantities of beer.  And the ring toss–not for the youngsters!!  But probably the funniest of the skits was when they encountered “normal” humans and were asked where they were from.  Of course, they were from the Planet Remulac.  With the appropriate follow up line to the question asking where that is, “Somewhere In France”.  Guess you had to be there!!!!

Tonight we enjoyed a bottle of Domaine Laroque Cité de Carcassonne Cab Franc 2011.  At less than $15 a bottle, and although still a little young but very enjoyable, we crossed the pond to find the Planet Remulac, but found this wine instead!  Thanks to Andy at HEB Central Market North Austin, he was sampling this wine the day we stopped in and both of us–not big fans of French wine–were really impressed, and with an attractive price point, we figured it was worth a further taste and review.  We do; however, recommend that you decanter this wine before pouring. . .you’ll be rewarded with a subtle nose of raspberries, spices and tobacco. Loads of  fruit in the mouth with rich raspberry, leather and spicy flavors, and elegant, silky-smooth tannins. This is a sneaky-good wine that is delicious to sip alone or to accompany any meat dish.  We enjoyed our bottle as an after dinner wine, and found it very easy to taste and enjoy.  We’ll also say that the longer this wine is open and breathing, the better it tastes.

Long gone are the original cast members of Saturday Night Live.  They’ve all made names for themselves–some good and some not-so-good.  And, by the late 70’s, these guys had been replaced by Eddie Murphy, Joe Piscopo and a whole new group of comedic talent.  In fact, it’s amazing the number of performers who got their ‘start’ on the show and have gone on to highly visible careers.  It’s also amazing to see the number of performers who have been lost forever–burned by the candle of fame.

So, as the weekend approaches, sit back and enjoy the moment with a good book, a good show, good company and a good glass of wine.  Enjoy it responsibly of course and remember to recycle the bottle when finished.

Until tomorrow, have a terrific Friday.


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