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Day 161 – Always Follow The Cardinal Rule

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cardinal zinWe enjoyed a little taste of Mardi Gras tonight compliments of the United Way of Hays County and CASA of Central Texas’ Flambeau fundraiser at Dick’s Classic Garage in San Marcos.  The first thing we have to say is that there is NO better place to view classic cars, boats and motorcycles than Dick’s Classic Garage.  It is WAY more than a ‘car museum’; it is a timeline of American automobile history and for that matter a timeline of American history!  Those of you who have been around the block a few times (and you know who you are!) can look at the vehicles in Dick’s Classic Garage and begin to understand the amazing quality and quantity of automobiles. . .nothing short of amazing.

Congratulations to the folks recognized tonight at the CASA event; your volunteerism is what keeps organizations like CASA and a lot of others going forward.  So, the theme was Mardi Gras which meant purple shirts, green tops, black pants, lots of beads and a smile!  What a great time we had and so happy to see people from all over Central Texas coming out to support CASA.

On a side note, we couldn’t help but notice that up in the Northeast–Boston, specifically–they are under the gun for a major winter storm.  Some have called it the worst winter storm to ever hit the Northeast–so bad, that the Governor of Massachusetts ordered ALL vehicles off the roads!  Could you imagine Gov. Rick doing that in Texas??  C’mon man, it’s not going to happen.  A)  We’re WAY too big! and B)When was the last time anyone actually LISTENED to government!! (Just sayin’)  With Daughter #2 entrenched at school in Medford, Massachusetts, we’re more than a little concerned about the predictions for 24, 28, 30. 32 inches of snow.  With heavy duty winds blowing snow drifts, the impact area is HUGE and the potential effects are every bit as potentially devastating as ‘Super Storm Sandy’.

So tonight we decided to break on through to the other side and open a Zin!  Imagine that–we opened a bottle of 2011 Cardinal Zinfandel from our friends at  Big House Wines!  Not your traditional “bamn” zin, but this little gem is big on flavor, and small on the pocketbook.  We enjoyed it much like a deck wine.  It wasn’t something to turn your head in a crowd and go “wow, bang – what was that”, but it was a nice little flavorful bottle of wine that would take good with or without food – yummy any way you shake it.

So, here we are wrapping up a Friday night – get to “sleep in” tomorrow – ok, remember we have three dogs . . . no such thing as sleeping in.  We, do however reserve the right to not set the alarm and wake up only when it is time – or the dogs wake us up.

Sleep well friends, enjoy your night – always remember to enjoy your wine responsible and recycle whenever possible.


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