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Day 169: Just Hangin’ . . .



Not sure about your neck of the woods, but here in central Texas it was a beautiful “deep blue sky” day and we just knew we had to go for a ride in the Jeep.  Sadly it was just a little too cool to go topless  (as in, take the top off the Jeep – just thought we’d clarify that) but those days are not too far away.  We made it a short ride since Jean’s knee is acting up (injury – NOT old age – just thought we’d clarify that) and sitting for a long ride just wouldn’t do (MRI next week will pronounce judgement on next steps).  But, because it was such a fine day we knew we could pull off a quick trip – and since it was “pickup” day at Saddlehorn Winery – off we went.   The afternoon was great and we made a couple of new friends . . .  hmmmm, wine + beautiful day + on the spot fresh made brick oven pizza = new friends (it’s the new math!).  We enjoyed a taste of Red Barn (we’ve blogged about this before and find it to be a great little deck wine and the price is so reasonable for Texas wines) and hung out with Cindi and Leon.  It was a great couple of hours – then back in the Jeep and home we went.

For us, meeting new people and just hanging out is one of our favorite hobbies – everyone has a “story” and we just love hearing them and discovering what a small world it really is.  As it turns out, Cindi and Brian were at arch rivals Spring and Klein high schools at the same time and actually had a mutual acquaintance.  See – we just can’t get enough of this kind of thing – BUT, you won’t ever uncover these stories unless you put yourself out there and share yours.

So, in honor of “hangin’ out” today, we open a 2008 Hangtime Cellars Pinot Noir.  Hangtime Cellars is located in northern Sonoma County, CA.  The long, narrow Dry Creek Valley lies between the cooler Russian River Valley and the warmer Alexander Valley. The name of the winery comes from a key part of grape growing – the amount of time grapes spend hanging on the vines. The longer the time on the vine, the more concentrated the fruit character, resulting in wines of distinctive, delicious varietal expression.  Here we just thought is was for just hanging out with friends and enjoying a glass of wine – nope, wrong answer . . . thanks for playing.

We’re pretty sure we’ve had this wine before at one of our favorite Kerrville haunts – Rails, A Cafe by the Depot.  And if memory serves us correctly, we kinda liked it.  The color was gorgeous – bright, ruby-red.  The nose was fantastic – a combination of plum, a little spice, and bright cherry . . . really, fresh and lively.  Kind of what you’d expect from a pinot noir.  As it opened up, the aroma was even more pronounced; fruity, spicy and generally awesome to smell.  On the palette, it just wasn’t there – not bad, but not good . . . just wasn’t there  – not sure if because it was an 2008 or what – just kinda eh.  Not a taste that we sat up and said . . . WOW – let’s buy some more or this.  But, good enough that we didn’t pour it down the drain (which by now, you know we are capable of doing).

As we wrap up tonight – enjoy your Saturday night . . . hope you stop and take some time to just hang out with friends (old, as in know for a long time – just thought we’d clarify that – or new) – and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine.  But remember if you do, to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible. 

Saddlehorn Winery - new friends

Making new friends at Saddlehorn Winery


3 thoughts on “Day 169: Just Hangin’ . . .

  1. I found the blog. Hava spent the afternoon reading. We also found the meat market on the way home. Best sausage ever. Keep blogging.

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