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Day 176: Not Much Success on the Hill . . .

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rex hill pinotWhat a beautiful day in our part of the world.  Lots of bright sun and a warming breeze all combined for several hours of relaxation on the deck this afternoon.  The great news?  Daughter #1 arrived safely from East Texas complete with the “granddog” in tow.  Yep, our Miss Bridget, fresh from that ‘life altering’ surgery seemed no worse for the wear as she was reunited with our trio of “wastes of fur”!  It’s kind of funny to watch dogs reacquaint themselves with each other . . . sniffing, growling, barking and LOTS of running around.  Fortunately the deck is large enough that they can run around – be dogs – and not have to worry about chasing them all over the place!  It’s a long drive from East Texas to our part of the State, so we knew that she was going to be: A) Tired, B) Hungry, C) Talkative or D) All of the Above. . .if you answered D) All of the Above, you’d be correct!

But, it’s ALWAYS a treat to have one of both daughters home. . .it’s one of life’s moments that reminds us why we had kids in the first place and what our job as parents really is. . .to raise confident, contributing members of society that have an education, a purpose and a desire to do more.  Not sure if we’re there yet, but like any of us, it’s a work in progress.  The fact is that Daughter #1 graduates from college in roughly three months, and the reality of her situation is–she’s done it in FOUR years!  Back in the ‘dark ages’ when we went to college, graduating in four years was the norm. . .but apparently, today–it’s some kind of a badge of honor to go BACK to school for four and a half, five, six–even seven years—to earn a Bachelor’s degree!  In our eyes, the four year college student has gone the way of the pay phone.  DINOSAUR!

It’s kind of like watching our federal government–they’re supposed to spend ONLY what they take in, and that’s the way things had been done for some years in the not so distant past, but now–it’s like a badge of honor to spend WAY more than your taking in and then somehow, it’s the fault of those raising the revenue because they haven’t raised enough?  HUH?  What kind of twisted, demented economics logic is that?  Oh, wait–it’s the government and they’re here to help!  YEAH, RIGHT!

So today we stopped at Gabriel’s and grabbed a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir. . .a 2010 Rex Hill Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley.  The price point on this wine is above our normal range. . .at roughly $25 a bottle.  We took the wine to our resident-family affecionado of good Pinot Noir wines, Jean’s Dad aka Bill’s place so that Papa and granddaughter could visit.  And, after opening the bottle and smelling the wine upon uncorking, we were less than impressed.  Hidden among the sweet cherry scent was an underwhelming musty aroma to this wine.  Additional air time didn’t seem to help it lose the mustiness.  Getting past the nose, the taste was fruity indeed, clearly, this was a sweeter Pinot than we were used to and with a meal of grilled steak, baked potatoes and sauteed vegetables, the wine just didn’t measure up.  For the money–it was a waist (sic)–kind of like some of the spending in Washington (D.C.).   As we learned about the wine, we decided that whomever wrote the tasting notes, must have been a little under the weather that day as very little, if any of what they wrote was present.  For example, they noted, “the palate is intriguing with red, blue and black fruit flavors, appealing spice and minerals, framed by delicate, ripe tannins. The wine’s structure builds gradually through the mid-palate and speaks to its intensity, balance and potential for longevity.”  For us, collectively, it just wasn’t  happening.  We’ve had Pinot Noir wines that cost a lot less that tasted and satisfied way more than this wine.  Maybe it was a bad bottle.  Maybe it wasn’t a good vintage.  Regardless, our opinion tells us to stay away from it.

At the end of the day, all any of us want to do is see our kids do well; sit back and relax after a long day, and enjoy a good bottle of wine.  Well, today, we got two out of three–which ain’t bad (as the song went). . .we hope that you enjoyed your favorite wine today and did so responsibly, and remember to recycle whenever possible.


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