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Day 178: Boy, Did We Miss Something . . .

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MGOM-Roulet RougeYeah, so we maybe were asleep at the wheel because we were supposed to blog about a Mardi Gras wine on Fat Tuesday, but, well, we flat out missed this opportunity.  Oh, yes, of course we blogged about a wine that night but not THE wine that was supposed to be written about . .  .seriously, how could we mess up this bad?

We had a wine from our days in Kerrville when we enjoyed attending Mardi Gras On Main . . . even though it wasn’t really on Main . . . but the Mardi Gras theme was alive and well.  The crowds were huge; the food was terrific and the wine was red or white!  The premise?  Each year a different Texas winery was “commissioned” to provide the Mardi Gras on Main wine complete with vintage and label.  We’ve got wine Texas wine that goes back to 2007, and hopefully, it will still be drinkable in 2013 or 2014.  But the wine that we intended to write about – two weeks ago – was sitting in our rack until the realization hit us tonight . . . DUH!  Bart, we missed it!!!(A nod to The Simpsons).  Well, being diligent wine lovers, we felt (feel?) obligated to at least open up the wine and taste it for blogging purposes only.  So, tonight. . .even though it’s not available for purchase . . . here are our comments on the Kerrville Mardi Gras on Main 2010 Roulet Rouge wine . . . vinted and bottled by Messina Hof Winery of Fredericksburg and Bryan, Texas.

The wine was . . . well, young.  Or maybe it was a little sweeter than we prefer.  Regardless, this wine tasted completely different tonight than what we remembered at the event.  Yes, the wine has aged in the bottle since then and yes, tastes change as well over the years, but sweet wines really aren’t our forte. And, had we really thought that the wine would be sweet as opposed to dry or even semi-dry, we’d probably have nicer things to say about it.  In reality, when you come home from work and heat up some spicy kung pao chicken, we’re thinking a big Zin-type wine with lots of pepper and not a sweet, syrupy wine like we tasted.  And, in all fairness, we caught it on the nose . . . not much, if any, oak . . . we definitely smelled fruit, but it was fruit sprinkled with sugar–which as you know makes a syrup.  It could be that we waited too long to try this wine.  We did that with some wine we bought on a trip to New Mexico.  That wine tasted really well at the vineyard, but when we opened it up, the copper color was a dead giveaway to the taste . . . AWFUL!  While this wine wasn’t copper colored, it was lighter than most big reds that we’ve tried and once we had the first taste, we knew that it wasn’t a wine that we’d finish off.

So, hopefully . . . you had a great time at your Mardi Gras party.  We understand that the Mardi Gras on Main is still going strong in Kerrville and they have a new vintage for 2013.  That’s very cool, but knowing now what we know . . . we should have partied with the wine from the event sooner; who knows, we may have even liked it.

Here’s to your Monday and a Terrific Tuesday.  Remember to enjoy  your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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