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Day 187: To Blend or Not to Blend . . .

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SorrelWhat makes this blog so much fun is when we stumble upon a hidden treasure that absolutely rocks the house.  In the span of the first 186 days, we’ve tried some good wines, some bad wines and some wines that we tasted, wrote about – but couldn’t bring ourselves to buy again.  We started the blog as die-hard Zin fans and in the 186 days since we started, there is a case being made each and every day for blends.

It used to be that blends were considered left overs.  They were made from the grapes that the premier vintners never used and so they became expendable.  Wine makers would buy the left over grapes and create blends depending on the quantity and variety of grapes they had . . . some of the most famous from California wines are blends – ike T.J. Swan, Annie Greensprings and MD 20/20!  Yep, sad as it may be, blended wines have a ‘tainted’ past. BUT, there are wine makers who understand the value of and the potential for future business, and thus are willing to take a chance on ‘leftover’ fruit.

We aren’t sure if tonight’s wine is made with leftover grapes or if it’s just an opportunity for a vintner to truly make inspired wine!  We opened with and enjoyed a 2008 Sorrell from Canyon Cellars.  This 2008 Meritage from the North Coast region of California is a special wine.   The reality is that this wine is spectacular.  From the nose to the finish, it’s a clear winner.  A terrific aroma of oak, berries and cassis; the taste was oh so smooth and sultry – each of the nose elements played through – in a big way during our tasting – in fact, we were surprised by its’ complexity – much more than expected.  And, at less than $12 a bottle, you’ll be getting one heckuva value or as Bob Barker would say “The Price is Right”.

Review after review commented on the wine’s incredible structure, taste, nose and overall appearance and is consistently ranked as high as is possible, but it’s the taste that’s going to catch you off guard.  How can a wine that costs so little, taste so BIG?   At the end of the day, this wine is a winner.  Priced at the lower end of the scale, don’t let that scare you away from trying it.  We purchased during the Twin Liquor Sale earlier in the week and enjoyed it very much.

So as we head into Thursday with a weekend on the horizon, we hope you enjoy your favorite wine responsibly—and remember to recycle whenever possible.


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