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Day 189: Just Another Day in the Life . . .

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So, we finally made it to Friday – gotta tell ya, short weeks are rough.  Since we were out on Monday coming home from our fantastic weekend with Daughter #2, Tuesday felt like Monday, and Wednesday felt like Tuesday, and so on – basically we were a bit out of sorts.  Today was an out of office staff Lenten Day of Prayer for Jean and Brian was in meetings and then took off late afternoon to drive to Nacogdoches to pickup the grand-dog so we can “dog sit” while Daughter #1 goes on Spring Break.  So, it was like today, while wonderful, just didn’t exist – so basically we had three days to get five days worth of work done . . . no wonder we’re tired!

But as we all know – that’s why we have weekends . . . time to step back and spend a little extra time with those we love (while not being distracted by work) and do something we really enjoy (hmmmmmm, two guesses about us!).  Not too sure yet what the weekend will hold – having four extra paws (and very young ones at that) in the house limits our adventures a wee bit – but imagine we can and will find something to occupy our time.

We’ve talked a lot about one of our favorite shows – “Restaurant Impossible” with Robert Irvine . . . well apparently he is in Lufkin doing a show.  Daughter #1 happened to be there this evening and drove by the location where the show was being filmed – just missed Robert, but apparently vocalization of her affection for him was responded by two of Lufkin’s finest – but no sighting – too bad she is leaving the area for SB tomorrow or she could have seen the “big reveal”.  Ironically, Daughter #2 was behind Robert in line at Starbucks at the San Antonio airport earlier this year and was just about to tell him how much we liked his show when another admirer ran up to him and babbled on – much to the annoyance of Robert.  Needless to say – she retreated and let him enjoy his coffee in peace, but did snap a cell phone pix on the plane.  One of these days – perhaps we will run into him ourselves!

Since it was Friday, and Friday starts with an “F” we decided to open Faucon – because it starts with an “F” and is from France which also starts with an “F” – ok, so now you are starting to realize the real lack of logic that exists when picking out a wine to try each night.  This little number is one that we picked up at Twin during their $1 sale.  Not being big fans of French wine – and not really sure how to interpret the label, we think the wine is from Domaine de Petit Roubie – and is a 2010 Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon.  But, really not too sure – in fact we couldn’t find anything about it on the internet ( and as we all know – if it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist – right Al G.?).

So, what we can tell you is that – it’s an OK wine.  The color is a really deep ruby-red when swirling, but it has skinny little Richard Simmons legs.  The nose was a bit tobaccony (is that a word?) with a hint of blackberry, intriguing, but not overpowering.  The initial taste was pretty tart fruit – mostly blackberry and black cherry.  After the wine had a chance to take a breath and get its sea legs – it actually tasted OK. Pretty short on the finish, but lingered long enough for a hint of black cherry.

Not thinking this is a bottle of wine that we would scan the sale ads in order to pick up a case, or even a bottle or two – but it was good enough for tonight.  We had hoped to sit out on the deck when Brian returned with his precious cargo, but the lateness of the hour and the much-needed moisture that we received today pretty much foiled that plan – but, as Scarlett O’Hara said at the end of Gone With the Wind – “tomorrow is another day”.

Regardless of your plans, please remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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