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Day 197: Essentially a Reunion and a Union All in One Day . . .


Bogle - Essential Red

Today is yet another very special day for the inhabitants of Casa del Vino.  Today we traveled to the our old stomping grounds – the coast – for a reunion with great friends and the union of two of these great friends at the altar.  Had we been thinking ahead (which by now you’ve figured out we don’t do so well), we would have opened Better Half tonight to celebrate a marriage and acknowledge that when you are with someone you love and care about . . . each half becomes the better half.  But, alas we dropped the ball on that one – so decided to do the next best thing . . . open a blend called Essential Red.  Because in all relationships there are essential components that must exist (and we’re not just talking grapes here).  Essentially, you have to really like each other – this means the good with the bad.  You know, which way do you load the toilet paper roll, how do you tuck in the sheets, blanket in summer or no blanket in summer, electric blanket in winter, use the dishwasher or hand wash the dishes, snore or not snore, dirty clothes make it into the hamper or “missed it by that much, Chief” (essential TV Show line there – – – bottle of tonight’s wine to whomever knows it) – – – well, you get the picture.  Essentially, it’s compromise and never, if ever 50-50.  Usually the scale drifts from 90-10 to 10-90 on any given day.  But, at the end of that any given day – you have to be with the one you love – yes, the  combination of starry eyed puppy love that dreams are made of to the lay down your life kinda love – – – roll it all together and you can do anything.

So, here’s to the Patrick and Rachelle – thank you for letting us be part of your special day.  Never been to a wedding with so much green – yep, there’s the “luck o’ the Irish” with this union – which means it will travel well down the many roads that lie ahead.

Back to the wine – tonight’s Bogle 2010 Essential Red is a blend of California’s finest offerings of Zinfandel 31% – Petite Sirah 26% – Cabernet Sauvignon 24% – Syrah 19% all smashed together and aged in French and American oak to enhance the individuality of each grape and bring them all together for a big, juicy wine.  The wine’s slogan is “old wine – new vibe” – we couldn’t agree more.  What a fun nose – from the first sniff, you just know you are gonna like it . . . fruit, yes – but deep rich fruit, not the light variety.  The first taste – as crazy as this is – reminded us of The International House of Pancakes and the bottles of boysenberry syrup that adorned the table – add in a dash of black cherry and WOW – yummy!  As tempted as we were to make pancakes and pour some over them, we didn’t want to waste such good wine.  We noticed a bit of vanilla tickling our tongues – has to be from the oak combination.  What a finish – again that oak gave us a puff of tobacco, not overpowering – but just enough to make an appearance and take that final bow.

Indeed this was a special little wine that we WILL have again.  The price was just under $12 at our local Twin Liquors – this was not a sale price – but their everyday, run of the mill price.  So, the day was a great one – a road trip to one of our favorite places on earth, a chance to reunite with great friends who are some of our favorite ones on earth, a celebration of two great people who love one another unite in marriage here on earth (ok, just tried to keep a theme going . . . sometimes, it just doesn’t work), and a great bottle of wine to hoist up a toast to those two same great people, while wearing green!  Can it get much better than this ?

In closing, a toast to Patrick and Rachelle –

May the blessing of God’s soft rain be on you, Falling gently on your head, refreshing your soul With the sweetness of little flowers newly blooming. May the strength of the winds of Heaven bless you, Carrying the rain to wash your spirit clean, Sparkling after in the sunlight. May the blessing of God’s earth be on you, And as you walk the roads, May you always have a kind word for those you meet.

And of course, remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible!


2 thoughts on “Day 197: Essentially a Reunion and a Union All in One Day . . .

  1. Get Smart. Loved that show!

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