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Day 210 – Friday, Uncensored!

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geyser peak uncensoredWhat do you get  when there’s a Friday off from work, a need to visit a store in Austin, AND the store is next to an H-E-B with a great wine selection?  Yep, you get a Friday, Uncensored!  Well, not really, but thanks to a lot of personal attention from Crystal at H-E-B at the Westlake Market, we came away with a wide variety of wines for blogging purposes.  Typically, we’ll walk into a large store and not even get the time of day, but today was different.   Crystal engaged us the minute with hit the wine aisle with our cart.  And, she wasn’t just another clerk. . .clearly, this lady knew her wine and had an appreciation for value-priced varietals.  It’s a special person who takes the time to not only help us find wines to write about, but to listen to our stories about trying this wine or that wine.  It’s obviously a prerequisite for the job – – “Must be able to listen to large fish–er, wine stories and smile!”

The problem with a place like H-E-B Westlake Market is that the selection is extensive and impressive – some of our favorites, Kathryn Hall, Opus One, Frank Family–all in one spot, but we also noted ample supplies of Yellow Tail, Cakebread and Beringer White Zinfandel . . . not so much!  We made an impressive haul thanks to Crystal, and she ‘insisted’ that we try a couple of their wines, and being the supportive souls that we are, well, we didn’t want to just ‘buy and run’ . . .  so tasting we did, and we learned that they have tasting classes at that location . . .  Hmmm, looks like a solid opportunity for the future!  In addition, daughter #1 arrived home safely from school today which means the celebration for Easter is “on” . . .  now, the only thing missing is daughter #2.

We went off the charts tonight and opened a 2010 Geyser Peak Uncensored . . . which is a blend from California and we have to tell you that this wine kicks butt.  It’s got a load of fruit on the nose accented by blackberries and toasted almonds.  The taste is equally delicious; however, the initial taste will cause you to pucker up . . . BUT, we promise that this wine will open up and deliver some incredible tastes.  We are constantly amazed at the quality and the production of blends for the market, and thanks to H-E-B for carrying them.  At less than $12 a bottle, this Geyser Peak delivers on body, structure, taste, smell and overall, it’s a great value.  If you’ve ever tasted any of the Geyser Peak wines, you’ll immediately know that these are good wines.  Uncensored is no different!

With it being Good Friday, we stop to give thanks for the sacrifice that Christ made for us – for without that sacrifice our world would ever so different.  We also want to stop and give birthday shout outs to Sharon and Liz – family and good friends remind us how blessed we are.

Until tomorrow, remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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