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Day 219: Coastal Yearnings . . .

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coastline cabSo, after two days of road trips we hung pretty close to home today and took care of some of the chores we’d slacked up on.  You know, important stuff like laundry and grocery shopping – not to mention, not one – but two trips to Lowe’s . . . and sadly, almost a third.

Ah, a project in the making you ask?  Yes, after spending yesterday morning reorganizing the garage before heading out to play and hunt bluebonnets (yes, first we work – then we play) today we pulled two items out for some R & R – as in repair and restoration!  Yep, we’ll be busy the next couple of week doing some refinishing – more details as we make progress.

No doubt our favorite place is the coast – whether it’s East Coast, West Coast or even the Third Coast located right here in Texas.  We miss living on the Third Coast, miss Daughter #2 who lives on the East Coast, BUT really miss visiting wineries on the West Coast.

Tonight’s wine, a 201 Coastline Cabernet Sauvignon is from, like our all time favorite place, Paso Robles!  And while not ALL wine from Paso Robles is high-end, vintage quality; tonight’s wine is the definitive tasty, save some money-wine!  The nose on this wine isn’t going to light you up, BUT the taste will completely catch you off guard.  Smoky berry, cocoa, and cedar with a supple fruity medium body and a chocolate covered cherry and spice finish. . .oh yeah, it’s all that and more.  The longer this bottle was open, the better the wine tasted and finished.  For a price point of $8.99, we’ve found another hidden gem from our friends at H-E-B.  Most wine-lovers will turn up their noses at wines that cost under $10 a bottle, and we’ve been known to shun a few ourselves, but after tasting and enjoying this Coastline wine, we convinced that wines need to be tasted REGARDLESS of price points!  A little digging confirmed that this wine has been rated as high as 87 points and is bottled to be enjoyed now!  We completely understand.  It’s a wine that’s got food, or the deck on its’ mind!!  Coastline is made by Adler Fels Winery in Santa Rosa, from vineyards that are a straight shot inland from the famed Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Try it with a cheese platter and some nice rustic breads for a little lighter meal.

Yeah, we love the coast.  Fishing in the bays or offshore down in Aransas Pass; visiting daughter #2 in the Boston area – near so many historic landmarks; or wine tasting in California – either in Paso Robles or Sonoma County!  Each coast is defined by different areas of influence.  We know that Texas and Massachusetts will never be confused with California when it comes to wine production.  In a similar vein, California and Massachusetts will never be confused with Texas when it comes to great barbecue.  Ultimately, it’s a given that Texas and California will NEVER be confused with Massachusetts when it comes to New England Clam Chowder!  Each coast has its own specialty, but Coastline Cabernet Sauvignon is a winner from the start.

As Sunday rolls into Monday, please enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and remember to recycle whenever possible!


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