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Day 227: Something’s Just Not Right . . .


wrongo dongoWe’re a little emotional tonight, and along with a lot of people who have family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and people that are just trying to scratch something off their bucket list.  We’re angry, mad, frustrated–to be blunt–when it comes to a place where our daughter is – we get an attitude.  We aren’t sure that everything is Alright–until WE hear that everything is Alright.  As the events of today unfolded in Boston, to say that we were pinned to our desks may be the understatement of the century.  You see, when your daughter is there with her boyfriend and other friends, and they are there to support the runners, support their friends, be the voice of so many Bostonians who have been a part of Marathons for years  . .  . it’s an amazing thing to watch.  Last year, the temperatures were so high that the race organizers automatically offered last year’s entrants automatic carte-blanche entry into this year’s race . . . do the math – the potential for 27,000 runners!  Wow, what a marathon, and in the mecca of marathon cities–Boston!

We knew something was up when our daughter sent a text message to Jean asking her to search ‘explosion at marathon finish line’ – can you even imagine what kinds of things go off in your head when your child asks you to search something like that especially when you knew she was at the race site?  The good news . . . all are safe tonight; it wasn’t an easy route back to the University, but the important thing is that both daughter and boyfriend – a world class friend at that – are safe where they belong. Must admit – hearing her voice was the most important sound of the day.

We write tonight with heavy hearts for those who no longer walk this earth because some one decided to act upon the evil that spoke to them – it is indeed a sad day in America and the world when the actions of one impact the lives of so many.  We could rage with hatred, but that would be to no avail – instead we pray for peace for the families impacted by death or injury.  We do hope and pray that those responsible for today’s action are found and held accountable.  Our world can longer accept the actions of those that want to harm others – we must do something to stop the madness.

How appropriate that we tasted a wine tonight with a name that fits the events of April 15, 2013–tonight we opened a 2010 Wrongo Dongo Monastrel from Jumilla, Spain – how appropriate is the name!  Wrongo Dongo. . .yes, those responsible for today off are definitely wrongo!  Almost over the top with ripeness, the wine gave us tastes of raisins, even figs, as well as plums, mulberries, and cherries. Though there is some gentle toasty oak, this wine is far more about unabashed fruit than smoky oak, and the wine finishes with a gentle and fruity polish.  It was one of those wines that catches you off guard–which we found at World Market in Bryan, Texas after meeting daughter #1.  Funny how much we intertwine family with our stories!!!  For a price under $12 a bottle, you’ll find a beautiful wine with lots of complex fruit and it’s amazing how it changes from uncorking to an hour after opening . . .  beautiful wine for the money and made even better by knowing that our family was safe!  We’d be lying if we said that the wine was enjoyable tonight – but we do raise a toast to the many lives impacted today and pray for recovery.

We get emotional; we get mad; we get revengeful, and then we stop and realize that WE are not in control.  Ultimately, we are here as a gift from above, and our job is to live our lives to the fullest each and every day.  We rejoice, we grieve, we celebrate, we mourn, but we all remember that the gifts we have are from above, and for this reason we find comfort in knowing that everything happens with a purpose . . . a Time For Every Season Under Heaven.

Enjoy your favorite wine responsibly, and remember to not only recycle whenever possible, BUT (and this is important) remember to tell those who are closest to you that you LOVE them – not just on nights like tonight when tragedy reminds us to, but every night !


2 thoughts on “Day 227: Something’s Just Not Right . . .

  1. We love you guys.

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