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Day 229: Stump The Band . . .

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stump_jump_shiraz_mv_750Back when Johnny Carson was the ‘King of Late Night’, he’d go out into the audience and play a game called “Stump The Band”.  Folks from the audience selected ‘randomly’ had a favorite song from where they grew up, or when they were at camp–some kind of a song that the members of the band or Doc Severinsen had to guess…Get it right and the audience member got a prize. . .get it wrong and the audience member got a prize!  Kind of a ‘no-brainer’–but it was fun to watch and for those of us raised on the triviality of music, sports, literature, arts, science and whatever other categories Trivial Pursuit can throw at us. . .this kind of show was — pardon the pun — music to our ears!!

So, meeting up at South Park Meadows in South Austin with a great friend, Kris from the Hill Country Chapter of the American Red Cross, we settled in for trivia night at the Waterloo Ice House.  Now we are not wall flowers when it comes to trivia, so an eight round trivia challenge was a gauntlet to be beaten!  Seriously, how difficult could it be?  We spoke too soon… It all started with a visual round where there were 16–that’s right, 16 different pictures of Johnny Depp in roles that he has performed, AND, you guessed it, we had to identify the NAME of the character he was playing.  Sure, if daughter #1 was here, this would have been a slam dunk, but we didn’t get all 16 of them. . .we didn’t get 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, or 10 of them–no, we didn’t get 9 either. . .we got 8–not a great way to start a trivia game.

Thanks in large part to a team effort, after the first four rounds we were in second place out of eight teams and feeling pretty good about ourselves.  The feeling was short-lived as the rounds went on–and the trivia was newer and not older–well, we succumbed to the pressure finishing the night in 6th place.  However, we have vowed to return on another Wednesday night to once again, Stump The Band!

Isn’t it appropriate that tonight’s wine is a 2010 Stump Jump Shiraz!  Stump Jump is from d’Arenberg Vineyards in McLaren Vale Australia and year after year, this wine is rated from the high 80 points to the low 90 points.  It’s another example of really good Aussie wine at a reasonable price.  The 2010 Stump Jump Red nose features plum and bright red fruits with a hint of roasted meats, earth, pepper and exotic spices. The palate displays delicate fruit with juicy blackberry at the fore. A touch of dried herbs adds a savory edge with fine tannins that provided a long finish. It’s a wine with sophistication—but don’t worry it’s still a lot of fun to drink!  The fact that it has earthiness and spice makes it a favorite already because of our inherent love of big, bold wines.  At roughly $10 bucks a bottle, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better wine for less!  In fact, there are higher priced wines that don’t have the chops that this wine enjoys. . .so, if you like ’em big, bold and spicy, then Stump Jump is worth trying.

Our love for trivia goes back a long, long time.  From playing Trivial Pursuit when it first came out to playing in numerous ‘trivia nights’ in the St. Louis area and even trying to start one of our own at Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School in Kerrville, we’ve found a common denominator for people of ALL ages.  Trivia is the great generation-equalizer!  As ‘Boomers’ who have good trivia days and bad trivia days–when it comes to stuff like this, we salute tonight’s winners at the “Ice House” and look forward to a return match!

Thank goodness for wine–and good wine at that!  Whether it’s Stump The Band or some other late night show game, we enjoy the banter it creates and the fun it brings.

Speaking of fun, remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible.

As news spreads of explosion in West at fertilizer plant – let’s all stop and pray for those near the area. 


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