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Day 245: Comfort from an Old Friend . . .

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CastroFriends are such an important component of our lives – yes, we love family . . . the blood tie is indeed thicker than water, but friends are just downright special.  The work week is finally over – for some reason it seemed like such a long one then all of a sudden . . . BAMN – it was over.

The past seven days have been a roller coaster for us – – both D1 and D2 took ill in their respective locations . . . always tough when your kids are sick and you can’t be by their bedside to provide that extra special medicine – love; a good friend lost a nephew to a personal tragedy and a sad reminder to us all that no matter how bad things get – there are options and family is there to help; a sister-in-law had a similar tragedy  – another reminder that life is too short.

Once Brian got in from a golf tournament, we headed over to bid farewell to some friends here that are taking off for Colorado and the chance for new adventures – we’ll miss you guys, but now have a reason to visit the mountain state.

So in light of all of the happenings of this week – we turned to the company of a trusted companion and an old friend.  We popped the cork on a Castoro Cellars 2010 Ventinove, Italian for 29.  This is a special wine for the folks at Castoro because it marks their 29th anniversary as a winery.  This wine is only available at the winery and slightly above our usual price post – but, heck . . . . sometimes you just have to get outside the box.

The nose on this wine is as Mark F. would say “phenomenal” – it’s like it was saying – “come on, I double dog dare you to drink me” . . . the color – bada bing – bada boom . . . yes, that gorgeous.  So . . . onto the taste – oh, so perfecto combination of the usual Zin suspects . . . a bit of fruit, a dash of pepper and maybe come currants tossed in for luck.  Just an all-around super combination.  The finish is one that says – savor me, oh won’t you stay . . .just a little bit longer (apologies to Jackson Browne).  Although, not purchased for everyday consumption – this wine is one for your cellar.  Buy three – one to try, one to tuck away and one to share . . .

So, as we wrap up this portion of the work week – and bid Friday adeiu we are reminded of the song made famous by “The Sound of Music” –

So long
Adeiu Adeiu
To yieu and yieu and yieu

Here’s to the chance to wake up and start all over again tomorrow – for the sun will come out!

Remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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