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Day 247 – Cinco de Vino


becker tempranilloOkay. . .we know that the 5th of May is Cinco de Mayo. . .and we know that beer companies have made a LOT of money off of this date.  After watching CBS Sunday Morning today that illustrated what really happened back when the United States went to war with Mexico. . .we’re not sure why there is a celebration.  If you look at the map before the war, Mexico owned–we mean REALLY OWNED–most of the west and southwest land that is Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado…and others.  Historically speaking, it was a land grab at its’ best or an invasion at its’ worst. . .BUT, no matter how you label it, well, it is what it is and as history records, the United States ‘won’ and took over the land.

After an exquisite day of sunshine and cool breezes, we managed to get some work done around the house–you know, stuff that was LONG overdue, but kept getting put off for another weekend!  From cleaning clothes to shampooing carpets to getting groceries for the coming week, we are fortunate to have weekends to get these things done.  Looking ahead to the week in front of us, we see a lot of work and a lot of things to get done at home before watching Daughter #1 graduate from college.  Wow, can that really be happening?  Seriously, she was just born two days ago. . .and now she’s graduating from college?  Did somebody turn up the time clock?  We still look as young as the day she was born, but somehow. . .time has played a key role in growing up.  We’ll write more about this journey as the week unfolds, but understand that as parents, we are ‘chest-thumping’ proud of BOTH of our girls and know that God has a plan for both of them.  Watching the first walk across the stage in Nacogdoches–where we both made the walk more than 30 years ago–brings shivers to our spines.  We know that there is greatness in both of them because that’s what parents wish for their kids!!!

To bring today into focus, we thought that it was appropriate to celebrate–Cinco de Mayo–with a wine made right here in Texas!  As most of you know, we aren’t huge fans of Texas wines, but Jean found this 2011 Becker Tempranillo today at H-E-B and we were hooked.  Noticeable about this wine–upon opening, it’s a rather common wine. . .BUT give it time to open up and holy cow does it flourish!  The dark cherries and strawberry that evolved slowly into the palate with hints of mocha and a lingering finish. . .very well constructed and balanced.  We were both amazed with the tastiness of the wine. . .the finish of the wine. . .and the body of the wine.  This is one worth keeping on your radar. . .especially if you live in Texas.  If you look at the latitudinal lines on the globe, Texas is just about perfectly positioned to grow Tempranillo grapes as Spain is. . .geography–so important, and yet so few of us paid attention to it in school!

After a beautiful Sunday, we look forward to Daughter #2’s arrival from school and Daughter #1’s graduation from college in the coming week.  We’ll be blogging about wines, but we’ll be jumping for joy in seeing this major, life’s accomplishment. . .it’s something we still remember ourselves and now we get to share the experience with our daughter.  Pretty amazing!

Just remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible!


3 thoughts on “Day 247 – Cinco de Vino

  1. I’ve tried a couple of Becker Vinyards wines while I was in San Antonio and was generally pretty impressed. Some good stuff. Try the Iconoclast if you get a chance!

    • We’ve tried several Texas wines and as a rule they’re still a ‘work in progress’; however, some of the more established wineries, like Becker, are starting to produce some really good wines…especially wines available at their winery and not available to the general public. Another one you’ll need to try if you get back down this way is Brennan Vineyards…they make a red blend that is really good. Thanks for the note.

      • Will do! Unfortunately, our friends are moving out of Texas, so it is unlikely we’ll make it there anytime soon. And Becker does not ship outside of the state…:(

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