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Day 254 – Mom’s Are The Best!

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Oyster Bay Sauv BlancAs Sundays go, today was a good one!  Following yesterday’s graduation of nephew, Ryan from Texas A&M, the family met at Messina Hof for Brunch, and although it was terrific time to celebrate the accomplishments of the college graduates, it was also the perfect venue to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Whether it was contrived by Hallmark or not, Mother’s Day has become one of the largest holidays in terms of cards sold, flowers purchased and brunches attended!  Arriving home mid to late afternoon, we prepped for a visit from P&L–which meant trying something new with them.

Mother’s Day is probably one of the more significant holiday’s on the calendar.  First, it let’s US celebrate OUR Mom’s and thank them for the gifts that they have given us over the years.  But, the other part of Mother’s Day, and perhaps even more significant, is the celebration of our spouses–who have brought our kids into the world!  Yes, we know that you can’t have one without the other, but being parents for two awesome kids, it happens because of their Mom!  Brian and his Mom watched a little bit of a show this morning called CBS Sunday Morning where the story centered around couples who had chosen to NOT have children.  Within their calm demeanor and specific comments, was a thought process of justification.  Yes, we know that there are people in the world who can’t or won’t have kids.  We get that.  But, the hard part for us–and we are biased because we have kids–is why they feel justified to explain their position?  We didn’t explain our position to HAVE children.  So, why do we need to get their position to NOT have children?  Just not totally sure about that one.

Our wine tonight is a 2012 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc from Marlbourough New Zealand.  Yep, this wine was the perfect touch to a Mother’s Day Sunday afternoon. . .Pale  green in color with brilliant clarity, Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is zesty and aromatic with lots of lively, penetrating fruit characters. A concentration of tropical and gooseberry flavors with an abundant bouquet, it is a wine that is always crisp, elegant and refreshing.  We liked the crispness of the fruit–some grapefruit and lavender–together with a clean almost apricot finish!  When sitting on the deck…on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with virtually no humidity…a really  nice white wine is a perfect way to spend the time.  Sharing it with friends and Daughter #2 makes it even better.

This wine has been rated as high as 87 points and at less than $10 a bottle, it’s a terrific value for the money.  We like wines that taste good, look good, have character and are priced for wine lovers who are on a budget.  This Sauv Blanc fits the bill to a tee!  We loved the minerality, the fruitiness and the finish on this wine, and would really have enjoyed it with some spicy food–if not for such a beautiful day enjoyed outside on the deck!  Made even better by Mother’s Day. . .it brought back memories of two very special moments back in 1991 and 1993 that have forever made our lives better, and given us the focus to help them make the world a better place.  We hope that YOU celebrated your Mother’s Day in the best way possible, and hope that you enjoyed it with your favorite wine.  Please remember to enjoy it responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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