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Day 259 – Back In Nac To Pac & Sac

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There are times when we hit the road for day trips, weekend trips or even extended holiday trips. . .and usually, we visit different places on back to back weekends.  So, as detailed in our blog last weekend, we ‘visited’ Nacogdoches for the college graduation of Daughter #1!  It was a complete weekend as Jean went to Bryan/College Station with Daughter #2 to watch nephew, Ryan walk the stage at Texas A & M, while Brian went to the Woodlands and spent some quality time with Mom!

After a busy week of work. . .we find ourselves back in Nac. . .but this time its to move Daughter #1 back to San Marcos while she continues her quest to get her first teaching job somewhere in the State!  We could go on and on about her abilities with children.  She’s got an amazing gift to not only teach but communicate with youngsters and especially their parents.  She has a temperament that is clearly God-given and we are anxious and hopeful for her to land that ‘first job’ out of college.  The years of experience at YMCA Day Camps and working while going to college at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Deep East Texas have given her a foundation that few can match. . .we’ll keep you posted!

Anyway, we’re here to move her (and her ‘stuff’) back to San Marcos which requires a truck, some ‘free labor’ and a Saturday morning to get it all done.  Much like her mom and dad who were at the same school 30+ years ago, leaving is both bittersweet and a long time in coming.  We expect that this will be OUR last trip to Nacogdoches for a long, long time.

Much like during our college years, we stopped in at Kroger to get a bottle of wine for tonight’s blog.  Jean has memories of signs posted near the refrigerated beer that said “No Bascarts In Cooler”…all things considered, this has been a great place for us and our family over a lot of years, and while we’ll miss coming back to Nac–we know that at some point SFA will go ALL THE WAY!!

Tonight’s wine is a 2011 Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile–and while it’s a young wine, it’s got a lot going for it.  First of all, it’s inexpensive…at $8 a bottle, you’ll be surprised by its taste.  We’ve had wines that cost 2 or 3 times this wine’s cost and not have the flavor of this one.  There is a really nice coffee scent on the nose which carries through on the palate and finish.  There are hints of mocha, cedar and dark fruits that are subtle yet flavorful.  We can imagine a wine like this being ready to drink now and for the next 18-24 months.  Realistically, it’s not a cellar wine, it’s a ‘enjoy now’ wine.  It’s a wine that illustrates yet again why we chose to do this blog. . .to find little gems that don’t break the bank. . .to find affordable, tasty wines that you can enjoy each and every day!  While this Santa Rita may not be at the TOP of our list, it’s at least on the list.  More than anything, it’s a surprise pick up on a late Friday night!

Cherish those moments with your family. . .the blink of an eye is getting faster and faster. . .and before  you know it, they’ve grown and graduated from college!  Or are still in college and finding their way towards the future.   Regardless, tomorrow we’ll be packin’ in Nac and load up the sacs and head back to San Marcos.

Until tomorrow, please remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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