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Day 260: Waltz Across Texas . . .

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So, today when we awoke we were not in the comfortable confines of Casa del Vino – instead we were at the Comfort Inn in Nacogdoches.  As mentioned last night, we drove over after work in order to eliminate a back and forth today in conjunction with relocating Daughter #1 and all her worldly possessions back to San Marcos and under our roof.

The sun was shining bright and we were glad that we opted to start early – that big blue sky at 8 a.m. was a good indicator of the heat the day would bring.  Thanks to a limited gaggle of help which included Daughter #2, Zach, Christine, Daughter #1 and us two – we were able to get all belongings from upstairs to downstairs (OK – – – – Movie Trivia Contest for a bottle of special wine – – – Who started in the movie “Up the Down Staircase”??), get carpet cleaned and shampooed, clean bathrooms and get trash to the dumpster all before 11:30 a.m.  After a great lunch and a quick stop to get a few “wearables” at the bookstore, we headed out of town.

Brian took the lead in the 16 ft moving truck, D#1 and D#2 were close behind in the red Rav4 sag vehicle – Jean was the caboose on the trip and after a quick redezvous at Buccee’s in Madisonville, the group headed West.  Brian remembered that this was wine pick up weekend at Saddlehorn and called Jean on her cell – his idea was that she could take an alternative route and head to Burton and all would reconnect in San Marcos.  Well, not wanting to be a negative Nancy – Jean somewhat reluctantly agreed.  Think about it – everyone else would be at home unpacking while Jean could be sitting at the winery and enjoy a glass of their special red wine – Barn Red . . . well, needless to say it was a dirty job, but someone HAD to do it – that’s just how Jean is – – – always thinking of the next person . . . . it ended up that vehicle one and two beat Jean home by at least an hour – – – but the trip was worth the trouble.

All arrived home well before dark – Dominos was the order of the day – and because it had been a long, tiring, sweaty day, we dug deep into our  wine vaults for a superb, young wine from Peachy Canyon . . . their 2011 Vortex Zinfandel is poetry in motion.  Imagine enjoying a wine at a young age or saving it – – laying it down and enjoying it 2-4 years from now.  The wine that makes all of that possible is this 2011 Vortex Zin . . . the nose is blueberries and tobacco; the palate includes hints of black berry, anise as well as the blueberries and tobacco.  The finish incorporates all of these plus adds a hint of vanilla.  How does a winemaker do this?  Clearly the folks at Peachy Canyon in Paso Robles know a thing or two about Zinfandels . . . they have multiple vineyards growing primarily Zin grapes but also have Petite Sirah and others.  Their tasting room is nestled under beautiful trees in a picturesque backdrop.  As mentioned, another feature of Peachy Canyon wines is their ability to be cellared and opened in two-four years – amazing how good wine gets better!

So, here we are all together again – thinking all will sleep really well tonight.  We hope you rest well and as always, remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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