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Day 261: Moving In . . .

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SecateursSo, here we are – Day 1 of the “all four of us under the same roof again” experiment . . . must say, to date – all good so far.  The additional bodies in the house has not adversely affected the hot water heater–yet–nor the refrigerator and the additional four-legged grandchild has not totally disrupted three permanent boarders – this is the one that will be interesting to watch unfold!

Actually, today was a good day – busy, busy, busy – but nonetheless good.  We got the truck unloaded and returned to the Home Depot in Kyle, well before delivery time – and even had enough time for Daughter #2 to take Brian for a test drive to the airport in anticipation of picking up a certain friend on Thursday.  While the driving for the day unfolded, Jean and Daughter #1 unpacked boxes and get the temporary housing accommodations all set in place.  The afternoon was pretty boring, other than taking care of a few chores, the bulk of the daughter  time was spent setting things up and getting settled.  Have to admit, it was a real treat to sit around the dinner table as a family – been awhile.

So, for tonight’s wine, we returned to the land of white wine – wait . . . did you feel it??? The earth moved!!!  Yep, it’s a real WHITE wine.  It’s from South Africa.  It’s a really nice Chenin Blanc, and we think you’ll find it fascinating.  Tonight we opened a 2011 Badenhorst Family Vineyards, Secateurs Chenin Blanc.  Wow, we weren’t expecting this wine . . . The 2011 spent time in concrete (Yes, it says concrete) tanks and this important part of the maturation of the wine shows in its incredible texture. The aromas are fun with honey, orange blossom and white stone fruit notes. A full-bodied wine, but with honey and floral flavors.  It has a dry and refreshing finish. Not surprisingly, Robert Parker rates this wine at 92 points!  After a few sips from the glass, we understand why – it has a light apple and gooseberry-scented bouquet with flavor that is developing in the glass. The palate is medium-bodied with crisp acidity; oak and a hint of light honey, almond and smoked walnut-tinged finish. This wine is an outstanding value.  Who would have thought that a wine so delicious and well-balanced would come from South Africa, but it’s a key part of quality wine from that country, and it has the value and taste to stand up to bigger, more famous names.  At less than $15 a bottle, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another wine of this taste and vintage at or below the same price!

Watching the day unfold — 1 Powerball winner from Florida but a $1 million dollar winner from the Boerne area; lots of boxes unpacked; making travel arrangements and settling in for the week ahead — it’s a totally different scene when your kids have grown up and can converse about a variety of subjects and know that the ‘rents’ are at least able to handle the discussion.  This doesn’t come about easily, but is rooted in growing, maturing and recognizing our kids for who they are and what they want to become.  It’s an AMAZING process . . . to go from school kids, to young adults to where they are today.  We call them ‘gifts’ and we are the ones who are truly blessed.  Sharing with them — our hopes, dreams and desires is now second to what they want and who they want to become.

Our wine tonight is kind of like them . . . a refreshing break from the past and an exciting future ahead.  As you settle in to enjoy your favorite wine, please remember to enjoy it responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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