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Day 267 – A Quick Trip to Sisterdale . . .

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Sister CreekWhat a day!  Someone once said, a horrible day fishing is better than any day in the office.  Today, truer words were never spoken!  Having arrived last evening here in Aransas Pass to visit with the Deases’ clan, we were up at 4:30 this morning for an early call and the opportunity to hit the water for some fishing in the bay!  Thanks to Fred’s advance planning, there were two boats going out this morning…thank you, Monty Scruggs…and with the two boats means that Daughters 1 & 2 and their boyfriends got the opportunity to go fishing with Fred while we fished with Fred’s brother, Mike and his wife, Jean (aka Jean #2 as mentioned last night).

A quick stop for breakfast tacos and we were on our way to the docks—one of the first things we noticed was the wind.   Yeah, it was blowing out of the south–yeah, that meant lots of waves.  After securing bait, we were on our way and looking forward to a day of fishing.  After getting beat up by waves, catching  trash fish and losing bait to bad water, we got the text message from Daughter #1 that two trout fish were on board and both were caught by her!  Oh man, going to be an interesting afternoon as the gauntlet has been laid down!  Our boat did however have a unique experience – – – Jean #1 (aka blog Jean) hooked a seagull and actually landed it – no fear, the bird was hooked and was “reeled in” and subsequently was released unharmed.

Actually, we were excited that the girls were together with their boyfriends. . .and had an opportunity to learn from the “Trail Boss”!  The day was absolutely spectacular – all the obstacles may have limited our “haul” – but bottom line is that we had a marvelous day!!!

It seemed appropriate after a very long day of fishing–it certainly wasn’t a long day of catching–that we’d enjoy a “three bagger” from Sister Creek Vineyards in Sisterdale.  For us, a three bagger means that three different grapes were used in the production of the wine.  . . Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and Merlot make up this wine and — once again — this Texas wine is a winner.  The nose gave us hints of oak and a smokiness that wasn’t expected from this wine.  A nice array of dark fruit, a little leather and a slight breath of kerosene.  The taste was every bit as good as the nose…the fruit really comes out especially as the wine opens up, but it’s the finish that kicked our tails!  It was superb with lots of fruit lasting long, long, long after the taste.  This is the way wine is supposed to taste–good nose, great  first taste. . .superb finish.  This 2009 Sister Creek blend is the right combination of taste and flavor!  We have purchased this wine on a regular basis and have extolled it’s virtues numerous times – yep, it’s a keeper!!!!

Our faith, fishing, good food and good friends are the things that sustain us – every day!!

But, remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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