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Day 288 – Whatever Happened to the Truant Officer?


truant-fourvinesWhew…what a day!  After a terrific early morning with coffee and bacon and eggs. . .we headed north to Austin to take care of some ‘Father’s Day’ business.  Of course, we couldn’t go to the north and NOT stop at an Austin landmark for a bite of lunch–so–we ended up at Threadgill’s for lunch and Wow–what a cool place.  For those of you born,raised or transplanted to Austin, you already know about the myriad of amazing places to eat, drink and enjoy great music–BUT, if you’ve never been to Threadgill’s–well, you haven’t been to Austin!  While a Saturday afternoon is hardly prime time for an establishment with historic roots, just being there conjures up memories of artists, looking for a break, playing for pennies just for a chance to be ‘discovered’!

Having spent a fair number of years in the Kerrville area, we always appreciate this time of the year–well, actually, we’re a little past this time of year–the Kerrville Folk Festival concluded LAST weekend, and the three weeks of music there was something to behold.  What we like most about the Festival–isn’t the musicians–or the campground–or the parking–it’s the theater where much of the music is played—-it’s the Threadgill Theater, and we wondered if it was the same Threadgill as the Austin landmark. . .anyone care to help a friend???

We’ve made two trips to Paso Robles, California, and to this day, one of our favorite labels is Four Vines.  There was a split–a change in ownership–a change in personnel–a change in direction a few years ago, so the wine maker has changed, but our love for Four Vines has never wavered.  So, when we came across a Four Vines, Truant at the Twin Liquors in Kyle not too long ago, we were mesmerized.  Could it be that they were embarking on something new and different?  With a price point under $9 a bottle, this was reminiscent of the Old Vines Cuvee’ that they had marketed for years.  Even then, the wine had great taste for a little amount of money!

So, tonight, we get to introduce the newest member of the Four Vines family – Truant Zinfandel!  What many over the years simply called their OVC—now, has a name and wine character just like Biker, Maverick and The Sophisticate. Truant, blended from multiple appellations throughout California, now has its an identity. The name Truant describes someone who slips away from the confines of everyday routine, and also refers to their wine making style which is not limited by geographical confines. Not only is it blended from vineyards around California, but it is 77% Zinfandel, 13% Syrah, 5% Petite Sirah, 3% Barbera and 2% Sangiovese. . . in short, it’s a PERFECT blend for those of us who have grown to LOVE blends. On the nose there are dark berry notes and spicy notes from oak aging. The wine drinks of juicy blackberry, ripe plums and a touch of blueberry. Generous in fruit flavors, plenty of structure and a velvety finish.  It’s a wine that could be enjoyed on the deck after a long day–or poured with some excruciatingly spicy food for dinner.  Regardless, don’t let the low price fool  you, this is a wine that is worthy of a second, third and fourth look!

As Saturday gives way to Sunday–Father’s Day–we stop to salute and thank all of the Dads’ out there who care enough to play a crucial role in the development of their children.  While most folks agree it takes a village to raise a child—conventional wisdom still tells us it takes parents to raise a child.  So, remember tomorrow—DAD—hug your kids, kiss your kids, thank the Good Lord for what you have, and let your family shower you with attention.  Strong Dad’s are in short supply–stand up–be counted–Love your family.  Enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and remember to recycle whenever possible.


4 thoughts on “Day 288 – Whatever Happened to the Truant Officer?

  1. Happy Father’s Day Brian!

  2. Thank you Lowensteins!!! We miss you guys—how about coming down to Dallas in September to watch the Rams kick the Cowboys butts!!!!

  3. And yes, the Threadgill Theater at QVR Ranch is named after the one and only Kenneth Threadgill.

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