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Day 292: Call In The Dudes . . .

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three dudesSometimes–you have to call in reinforcements!  It helps to have others looking out for you–they’ve got your back!  Sometimes, it helps to have friends when you’re in a jam and need someone to dig you out of a hole!  We had the pure pleasure of visiting with our good friend, Kris tonight.  She was in the big city of Austin for some training/conferences for her work and decided that we were close enough to come for an overnight visit.  With the arrival of Daughter #1 from her trip to Madisonville, the die was cast for a fun Wednesday evening.  Yep, we headed north to the Waterloo Ice House and a stab at trivia night.

We don’t know about you, but trivia is highly addictive.  It’s designed to test your memory. . .test your knowledge of history and pit you against others who are in the same situation—nothing to do on a Wednesday night!!  Questions tonight included–has the National Football League ever had a team win by scoring over 100 points?  Or how about, how many continents are members of OPEC from?  Yeah, we know, it’s enough to make you want to drink–wine!

How appropriate that we opened and sampled a 2011 Texas Chenin Blanc from Three Dudes Winery right here in San Marcos!  Usually, the thought of white Texas wine would cause most people to head for the exits, but with Father’s Day behind us and a hot summer day right in front of us, we thought it’s the perfect opportunity to  try a locally made wine and write about it for tonight’s blog.

So Three Dudes is a local, San Marcos winery.  Yep, there really are three dudes and YES, they refer to each other as “the Dudes”!  The wine–well, it’s okay.  Not anything to rush out and stock up on, but certainly not any worse than some of the wines we’ve had in our first 125 days!  Not a lot of fruit–not a huge finish, but at the end of the day, a refreshing wine with potential.  Since white wines require less attention and care, this Chenin Blanc has a load of opportunity to get better, and we think it’s on the right track.  Would we spend the  money on a regular basis?  Probably not.  Would we take people to visit their winery–with a beautiful location right on the San Marcos River–you’d better believe it.  There are other white wines that we’d recommend to friends with bigger flavors and lower prices, but knowing that we’re talking about a hometown wine, Three Dudes Texas Chenin Blanc is a terrifice alternative!

As the day winds up, we’re trivia-d out and ready for a Thursday.  As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, not every wine that we try is going to be a home run, and tonight was no exception.  However, if enjoying wine the basis for what we’re doing then pull the cork on another bottle and let’s enjoy some good wine.

Please enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and remember to recycle whenever possible.


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