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Day 297: Now We See…

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ifyouseekayThe year, 1692, was not particularly good in the developing history of the New World.  After a trip to Salem, Massachusetts today (Brian and girls went on an adventure while Jean attended her conference) it was learned about what happened during a 13-month period starting in that year.  If there is one word that can describe what took place when ten 12 year old girls were mistakenly accused of being witches, that word is ‘hysteria’.  One story begat another story which begat another and fingers were pointed in multiple directions. . .by the time it was over, 19 people had been hanged.  Five men, 14 women and (get this, really??) two dogs—all hung—all accused of being witches.  All of this took place while the general population sat back and let it happen.  No due process.  No trial of peers. No support from loved ones.  Hysteria. . .the kind of stuff that makes people do strange things, say regrettable words and gives power to those in control. . .a control that when used to one’s advantage—helps keep people quiet.  And so, based on what we learned today, we found out more about the Salem Witch Trials than we had ever previously known.  It only came to an end, when the hysteria hit a fevered pitch, when the Governor’s wife was accused of being a witch.  From that point forward, those accused were no longer charged; those in prisons were released and the hysteria came to an end. . .BUT not before innocent people had been put to death.

Our description probably doesn’t do the story justice, but hidden between the lines are a couple of important lessons:  first, hysteria creates bad decision making.  Governments, both in this country and abroad, use hysteria to garner public support or in some cases, demand it.  Hysteria can be used to point fingers at someone and render them guilty before they’ve ever been on trial–regardless of their innocence.  Sound familiar?  Think the ‘Salem Witch Trials’ can’t happen today?  Ever watch some of today’s media frenzied papparazi?  Hmmm, I wonder what would happen if someone was being interviewed and admitted something and within 24 hours had lost their job?  Hysteria…an open door for a witch hunt?

So tonight we’re trying something really ‘hysterical’!  Having found this in a store outside of Boston, we just had to try it.  Originating from the creative wine making wines of Jayson Woodbridge and Chris Radonski of No Holds Barred Wines – the same guys behind Layer Cake wines – ‘If You See Kay’ is a no-holds barred wine from vineyards in Laszlo, Italy.  A cabernet sauvignon blend, this wine is deep, dark and very full bodied.  It has a fruit-filled nose and a terrific finish.  This is the kind of wine that fits perfectly with our day today.  And, while the wine makers want the brand to represent something as important as being true to oneself and daring to question something that doesn’t fit with who you are.  Well, we aren’t so sure that a wine needs to go that deep, but this one is tasty and a good value at less than $14 a bottle.  It’s surprising that a wine this big and bold comes at a price so affordable, but that’s the beauty of wine tasting.

Another terrific day and we’re ready to wrap this one up – taking in the Bruins game tonight (on TV – no tickets available) followed by the Red Sox tomorrow night – as they say . . . . when in Rome!!

After this post, we’ll have 67 more posts and the year will be complete. . .thanks for riding along with us.  We hope you’ll finish our own ‘Tour de Wines’ and as you sit down to enjoy your favorite, please do so responsibly and remember to recycle whenever possible.


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