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Day 318: Just When You Thought it was safe . . . Malbec Week Continues!

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santa julia malbecDun-ta—Dun-ta—Dun-ta, Dun-ta, Dun-ta. . .AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH — okay, a bit melodramatic, but it illustrates another week of working our way through the Malbec wines that currently are living on the the blog wine rack.  Ya see, as we are out and about we pick up wines that either look interesting, sound interesting or just catch our eyes (yes, sometimes price points and sales do play into our decision to purchase).  As it turns out, we have apparently collected a number of Malbecs – we must admit we don’t necessary keep a record when we purchase . . . but from time to time our history does catch up to us and we find ourselves in a predicament such as this.  Regardless,  we plow forward and make the best of the situation.

So, today wasn’t anything other than just a plain ol’ Monday.  The heat of the last several days came to a short-term end and with wonderful afternoon rains came lower temps – a welcome relief.  Our plans to cook up some fajitas on the grill were dampened by the wetness – but again . . . no complaints – we need this moisture.  It was a great sight to see water rushing down the creek and even a waterfall upstream.

As usual, we digress and spend more time talking about the day than the wine of the day – tonight we opened a 2011 Santa Julia Malbec.  There is no doubt that we love a good Malbec and this little number from Mendoza, Argentina is 100% Malbec.  On the nose it had pleasant aromas of plum, ripe fruit, a little spice and a bit of floral.  On the palate, the wine shows lots of blackberry and plum flavors to create a real fruit bomb.  It’s a pretty soft and smooth wine with a finish that ends with a bit of spice along with lingering blackberry and chocolate notes that seem to go on for an incredibly long time – the chocolate was enhanced by munching on a couple of Hershey’s best.   As it aired out, the flavors – especially the spices seemed to get better and more pronounced.

The price was the best part – under $10.  Again, while it was a good little number – and we’d pick it up on sale – not so sure we’d drive a mile or more out of our way to repurchase.  But – – – if at HEB and it’s still on sale . . . yup, would pick up a bottle or two and share with friends and family.

Welp, more rain on its way and we’ve got an early and busy Tuesday in store.  Have a good evening, and as always, remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.




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