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Day 336: Summer Breeze . . .

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saint lafayetteIt was a perfect way to start the weekend.  Brian met up with Jean and friends at East End Wines up in Austin off of 11th Street.  It’s a great old house that has morphed into a terrific wine shop featuring labels from all over the world at prices that make wine tasting enjoyable.  Tonight, the crew was sampling wines from the Bordeaux region in France.  This is one of the most renowned growing areas in the world, and there were great prices to boot!  We tasted a white, two reds, and a semi-sweet white as well.  And, after perusing walls and walls of wines, we settled on one of the wines that we sampled.

This 2011 Saint Lafayette Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc was a real pleasant surprise!  What they said, “Juicy, clean, light. Fresh & grapefruity palate, more apple on the nose. Focused bouquet goes from citrus to more tropical fruit like lychee & mango. Crisp acidity.  Light bitterness of grapefruit pith & mineral makes it finish very clean and fresh. Lengthy, fruit filled finish.”  What we said, “Crisp, fruity and clean on the finish.  A refreshingly, tasty wine on a warm summer evening.’  However, thanks to a really nice breeze, we sat outside and enjoyed some lively conversation with Margaret and Lance and their family.  It was a terrific way to spend an early Friday evening.  With a price point on this wine under $13.50 a bottle, you’ll get a lot of taste for the money; you’ll probably want to stock up on it for really hot afternoons.  It was a nice change for us!

With daughter #1 off on the road to the coast, we’re officially dog-sitting the grand-puppy, which with our trio of hounds presents a whole new opportunity to ‘train’ her!  Well, not really but it sounds good.  Funny thing about dogs . . . they respond to repetitive things.  Saying something over and over or doing something over and over, they catch on pretty quick.  Bridget (the grand-dog) has mastered several important commands . . .”Give Me Your Paw” is good . . . “Shake” is better.  Usually with ‘Shake’ you get both paws and a flying leap in your general direction . . . you may end up getting her ‘zombie attack’ where she stands up on her back legs and reaches for you in full stretch with her front paws.  She’s a sight to behold.

Anyway, we digress, tonight’s effort is short sweet and to the point – it’s been a long week of road trips, birthdays and more road trips . . . time to unwind for a couple of days.  We really recommend you try East End Wines . . . Matt, Sam and Bill have loads of wine experience and they have brought in a significant variety of wines at really good prices.  If you’re a wine lover in or around Austin, you really should check them out . .  .they are located at 1209 Rosewood Avenue.  You can get more information by logging on to their website at 

Have a great weekend and remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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