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Day 337: Chillin’ With Partick . . .

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Los AmadousWhen we awoke this morning, it was truly a moment of . . . what shall we do today?  We really didn’t have anything that we HAD to get done – so our thoughts of laziness turned to what do we WANT to do.  As usual, the four-legged children in our house rule the roost.  So matter if it is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (ok – – – if it sounded like this – name that movie . . Mahday, Toosday, Wensday . . . ).

So, when we stirred at the usual time of “O’dark Thirty”- remember dogs have no sense of ‘battlefied glory’ – they just go by smell . . . but, it wasn’t like we didn’t really realize what lay ahead.  As the sun peaked over the horizon , the room got lighter and the dogs got more restless!  Imagine that, dogs who are used to going outside to take care of business, at a ‘specific’ time of day end up holding back?

To put it mildly, we didn’t do too much of anything – a little housework, a little grocery shopping and a load of laundry – yep . . . that was about it.  We thought about scootin’ up to Austin, but changed our minds when we got “the call”.  Partick was in SA and thought he’d swing by – – – always a delight to see him (especially when his bride is alongside – but she was off on a sisters weekend, so he was flying solo).  He arrived in time for our version of dinner for the night – see below.  We had a great visit, solved most of the world’s problems and enjoyed a nice bottle of wine that he picked up at Oliver’s (more details about Oliver’s later).

Tonight we enjoyed a 2011 Les Amadeus and it was amazing.  A terrific nose followed by great taste and finish put this wine squarely at or near the top of our wine favorites list.  A blend of Carignan, Grenache and Syrah…this wine rocks from start to finish!  “In old Provençal dialect, Les Amadous means “the lovers”… One story tells of a young winegrower who focused all his passion and zeal on his vines in an attempt to forget an unattainable love. The vines repaid his devotion with a wine as pure as crystal. Although the winemaker’s’ story ended in tragedy, according to the legend of “Les Amadous”, everyone who tastes this wine is sure to find their one true love.”

All we know is that this wine had a taste of wines older and much more expensive, but as young as it is, we can see it getting better with age.  Simply put, this wine’s rich, aromatic bouquet features hints of black fruit and spices. Soft, round tannins on the palate.  Thanks to a visit from P, we enjoyed this wine with loads of fresh fruit–cherries, raspberries, grapes and blackberries as well as cheese, crackers, sausage and of course, a generous amount of ice water!!  The BEST part of enjoying good wine is sharing it with good friends. . .and whether it’s a white wine, a red wine or a rose’, we’ve come to appreciate that sharing with those who are important in our lives makes the tasting and enjoyment even better!

As the weekend continues, we hope that you are stopping to appreciate those whom you love and care about.  This wine is a perfect way to share the love and the flavor of France at a fraction of what a quality wine like this could cost.  At less than $13.00 a bottle, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything in its’ class for the money!

Enjoy your wine with friends, family and anyone who is important to you!  Remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible!


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