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Day 322: Gnome Alone . . .

Gnome GrenacheMuch like Kevin McCallister (movie quiz . . . name the movie that this character was in), Casa del Vino is down to one human occupant this evening.  Brian and D#1 are on a trip to see Grams and check on her well-being given a recent health scare.  That means that Jean is all by her lonesome – well, not really . . . with four dogs in the house – it is anything but lonesome.  Yeppers – Pepper and Andie and Jasmine and Bridget are all making sure that Jean is staying out of trouble while everyone is gone.

Overall it was a quieter than usual night – one nice thing about flying solo is that you get to partake in whatever dietary indiscretions your little heart desires.  In Jean’s case, the leftover Chicken Marsala from Carino’s came in mighty handy.  And you get total control of the remote – ahhh, the rare chance to watch LMN without shouts of discourse from fellow TV watchers . . . LIFE IS GOOD!

Making an ever so slight detour in Kyle tonight on the way home seemed the order of the day – one might think the destination would be the super great H-E-B they have there – indeed it is a sight to behold . . . but alas, (there’s that Yorick fella popping in for a visit – yes, knew him well) H-E-B was not the final destination.  Tucked in the corner of the shopping center is a nice little Twin Liquor – the call of the Sirens was much too great and Jean had to stop.  Once inside, she discovered numerous closeout (aka . . . too good to be true prices) bottles of wine.  One of the little numbers was tonight’s blog wine – – – The Gnome Knows Grenache – – – the picture on the label was too good to pass up.

The Gnome Knows Grenache comes from selected vineyards in the Languedoc region in the south of France not too far from the Southern Rhone Valley where Grenache is the key grape varietal that makes up Cotes du Rhone and Chateauneuf du Pape.  Ok, not really being a fan of French wines, it was a tough decision to plunk this puppy down on the counter – but que sera . . . quick, queue the music – where’s Doris when you need her . . . Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be – The future’s not ours, to see – Que Sera, Sera – What will be, will be.

As usual, we digress – back to the wine . . . not too much of anything on the nose – think that part was off looking for mushrooms to hide under in the forest – but perhaps a hint a berry . . .the color was very nice, a deep, rich hue.  The palate was quite refreshing – lot’s of black cherry and other red fruits mixed in with a dash of spice.  It had good finish with just enough of a vanilla and nutmeg note to smooth it out.

Would have to say – this could actually make the Bondy Deck Wine list – at least the top 50.  Jean put a cork in it and pumped it up so Brian could sample upon his return.  Normally, one would not think that such a silly name and label would generate much interest – of course, the $10 price tag didn’t hurt in the initial hunting process – but overall, not a bad little wine.  Guess one could say – “to Gnome is to love me” – sorry about that . . . just couldn’t resist (well could have, but why?)

Who knows what tomorrow will bring around these parts – could be an interesting couple of days.  As the weekend unfolds . . . enjoy yourself, make the most of it and as always remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.

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Day 110: What Do Wine and Goats Have in Common?

Goats in VilliagesA few years back we were at one of our all time favorite restaurants – Rails, A Cafe By the Depot.  Rails is owned and operated by our great friends John and Melissa – who only know one way to do things one way . . . top drawer.  Their work ethic is second to none, and really know how to treat people right – if we still lived there, we’d continue to eat there on a weekly basis . . . it’s that good.  Anyhow, one night all those years ago while we were enjoying dinner, in walks our good friend Sandy Sue – she sits down and promptly orders a bottle of “Goats Do Roam.”  So, being the wine snobs we are – this caught our ears (especially since she was at the table next to us) – all we could think of was the traditional Cotes Du Rhone – and were intrigued.  Hence the way we discovered the Goats Do Room Wine Company in South Africa.

So, while at Trader Joes, we stumbled across a bottle by the same wine company and snapped it up for waaaaaay under $10 – tonight we opened a 2009 Goats in Villages Shiraz Pinotage – ok, you have to agree the label is intriguing.  The Shiraz grapes are mostly from a selection of vineyards in the Malmesbury and Agter-Paarl regions. The Pinotage is mostly from the Primo vineyard in Agter-Paarl, as well as from the Fairview farm in Paarl. Kind of an interesting mix  – this wine is 70% Shiraz and 30% Pinotage.

The first thing you notice is the deep purple red color – not quite Harold and the Purple Crayon deep purple, but close.  The nose was pretty bold – Brian is pretty congested, so Jean was the Nose de Jour.  She noted a combination of dark fruit, some spice and a dash of anise (aka licorice) tossed in.  On the palate, the wine definitely got better with air time – it did open up, but needed about an hour to really be worthy of tasting.  We must admit – tonight was leftover night at the house – not something that happens too often, but it is what it is.  So, Brian sampled with roast beef and Jean sampled with Kung Pao Chicken – both good pairings.  The finish got longer as it aired out as well.  Guess we would say that we might purchase again if we stumbled upon it – but wouldn’t go out of our way to find it.

Bottom line, is we still aren’t too sure what goats and wine have in common, or if goats live in villages – perhaps only in South Africa.  This could just be one of life’s mysterious we can never solve – one thing for certain . . . we won’t lose any sleep over this, but will continue to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.