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Day 50 – Sometimes We Miss One

We had a chance to watch a movie today that was part of our past.  Back in 1979, when we were both in college, we watched as Americans were taken hostage in Iran.  The anger and frustration of the time caused Brian to write an editorial for the campus newspaper, The Pine Log. –  we still have a copy.  The movie was “Argo”, and if you get a chance – go see it.  It’s amazing as fast as time goes by how things that happen in our lifetime become historical events by the time we get older.

Jean was a part of the editorial staff of the campus paper and Brian was a part of the advertising staff.  We had some mutual friends that were part of the Journalism program at Stephen F. Austin State University, but other than that, we had nothing in common.  So, the mere fact that an ad man’s editorial got printed in the paper (on approval from the faculty advisor, bless Dr. Francine Hoffmann, and the fact that Jean vouched that he was a good guy!) was nothing short of amazing.  Who would have known that at that moment a die was cast for a relationship that would span more than 30 years and growing.

So as the movie unfolds, it focuses on six Americans who escape out of the US Embassy during the tumultuous rioting and they end up in the residence of the Canadian Ambassador.  And as we talked about the events after the movie, neither of us could remember this  happening – other than a faint remembrance of people being “released” and thinking that it was a ‘goodwill gesture’ on the part of the “students” holding our fellow Americans captive.  Sometimes we miss one.

Tonight’s wine is right up there with the story line of the movie – sometimes we miss one.  Having just returned this past Wednesday from Paso Robles, California, we drove past a winery called Niner Wine Estates on two or three occasions.  It was a beautiful building and easily accessible off the highway, but we either had a place we needed to be, or we were on our way back from somewhere we were supposed to have been.  Bottom line is that we didn’t take time to stop.

Regardless, the wine we tasted tonight is a 2007 Niner Wine Estates Twisted Spur – a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Petite Syrah and Carmenere and oh, what a blend it is!  With hints of juicy blackberry, smoky mocha, caramel on the nose these aromas transitioned into beautiful flavors of cedar, forest floor. Firm tannins and ideal structure are a great combination in this wine from Paso Robles that we didn’t taste while there.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is that there are moments in our lives that we seize and take to the next level and there are moments that we leave on the table and miss the opportunity.  Gladly, we seized the moment while on the campus newspaper staff 30+ years ago to get to know each other and have it lead to something special to this day, but like the events of 1979 and 1980, we sometimes miss one – just like missing out on a great tasting wine.  This 2007 Niner Wine Estates Twisted Spur was purchased at Gabriel’s Outlet in San Marcos for $14.99 and even Nathan, the store manager hadn’t tried it – now we can tell  him that it’s a winner and worthy of enjoying after a great movie or great meal or simply sitting around enjoying each other’s company!

Don’t forget to enjoy the ones you miss responsibly and recycle whenever possibly.