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Day 324: A Gentle Reminder . . .

Silver Oak 2006

Tonight’s blog was written by Jean’s co-worker, Scott.  Scott has guest blogged for us before and meets all the requirements we have – aka . . . he appreciates good wine and partakes on a regular basis.  For the record, on Day 63 we did blog about 2004 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley – but tonight’s wine was a 2006 from Napa Valley – BIG difference. If you are a constant reader of our blog, you will recognize tonight’s theme as it has played out time and time again – bottom line  . . . every day is the perfect day to open a bottle of “the good stuff”, or as Partick says . . . “Life’s too short not to drink good wine – – – ya just never know”.  So, thanks again to Scott for “taking one for the team” – and to Margaret and Lance for hitting the road and checking out parishes in the Diocese of Austin . . . we are waiting for you to come our way – we’ll open “the good stuff” for you as well

Today was a good day!

It’s not often that we say that anymore. Usually life is filled with getting from one party to another, some sort of sporting event, or even a summer camp. Life at our house is generally fairly busy with five kids.

Today was a good day because it felt like we got a few things done and topped it off with some good family time, good friends and some good wine.

The day started with pancakes for the kids our niece, who is visiting from Alabama. There is just something American with pancakes and a cup of coffee in the morning.

I was able to finish that lingering bathroom project, mow the lawn, talk to my boys on the front lawn about sports and attend Mass this evening at our local parish.

Mass was special, it always is though with Jesus present, but tonight was way cool since my office assistant and her husband made it to Mass at our new church. It was great to see their smiles when we walked into the sanctuary. After a brief hello after Mass, we caught them on the way out and asked if they wanted to come over for a drink. Uh…..YES!

We arrived back at our home and immediately opened up a bottle of 2006 Silver Oak. Yeah, Yeah….we know this is a good bottle of wine and we all know what people say about it…it’s pricy….probably would make the Bondy deck wine list (if you could find it on sale)…you can really taste the spiciness…it lingers on the palate…

This post is not about the wine tonight but more about the sharing of good wine with good friends. You see, wine is meant to be consumed…preferably with friends. In the brief moments we shared together, the wine was really an afterthought, it was all about LIFE! We told stories, laughed, talked about the kids, discussed Aggie football, shared our faith and just enjoyed our time together.

So please, don’t save that good bottle of wine for a special day. Today is good day…open that bottle of wine some friends and enjoy life. It is always way too short.

Scott, thanks again for your help – remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.  Look out Monday, here we come . . . ready or not!


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Day 190: Familiarity Breeds Choice . . .

hilary goldschmidtAfter a very late night of driving to and from Nacogdoches and then some unwind time, it was about 2 a.m. before we hit the hay and as we’ve noted previously, with dogs, they have one schedule . . . potty around 5:30 followed by breakfast followed by potty.  Under normal circumstances, it’s really not a big deal to get up and take care of what they need and then go back to sleep.  Today was tough because we’d only been ‘asleep’ for about 3 hours before their schedule kicked in.   Well, it’s one of the ‘things’ we signed up for when we decided to have dogs in the house.  A mostly cloudy, misty day gave way to some mid-afternoon sunshine; the clouds rolled back in around 3:30 and stayed that way until dark.  After a quick visit to Kerrville to check on the house, get the haircut and have a lunch with L&P and D&B, we were ready to come home and chill out.  It is always great to visit and catch up with good friends.

Tonight, we went to a familiar vineyard for our tasting.  Having previously tasted and blogged about wines from the Nick Goldschmidt family, we picked up a 2009 Hilary Goldschmidt Cabernet Sauvignon when it was on sale at Twin Liquors.  This turned out to be a spectacular bottle of wine.  From our friends at, “Named for Nick Goldschmidt’s youngest of five children. Charming Creek offers the signature taste of Napa Valley and shows unusual concentration for the price. With its long sunny days and porous, free-draining soils, Napa Valley has the perfect growing conditions for Cabernet Sauvignon vines and Charming Creek consistently yields bold, well-structured wines that are complex and rich in flavor. This wine will easily stand beside Cabernets far more expensive. Drink now through 2017. Only 1000 cases made.” 

We can tell you that this wine was superb . . . from the nose to the initial tasting . . . the palate and the finish . . . absolutely magnificent as in A ++++.  Clearly, Mr. Goldschmidt is a master at fine wine making and now that we’ve tried three of his products, we are convinced – if you appreciate really good Cabernet at reasonable prices-especially given where they’re made-then you need to get on the Goldschmidt bandwagon! Dark ruby-garnet color, aromas of red plum and black cherry.  Classic characteristics including flavors of blackberry and cassis on the palate.  Beautifully structured, it finishes with long, silky tannins and a taste that keeps on going.  One thing is certain, we we make our way back to Napa, we WILL be hooking up with Mr. Goldschmidt!!!

As Saturdays go, it was relaxing, fun but a bit tiring, so we’re posting short and sweet tonight – plus we lose an hour of precious time tonight.  Fortunately, the wine maker’s previous ventures helped us, but the wine stands on its own and is a great deal if you can get it for under $25 a bottle.  Truth is, we’d probably be willing to spend a little more for this wine knowing what we know now!  Hopefully, your day was a good one and you’re looking forward to a great Sunday.  We are – and we hope that you’ll pass on this blog to your friends and family–especially if you’ve already tried Goldschmidt wines!

Remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible.