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Day 308: A Great Day on the Water . . .

Arrogant Frog

So, here we are – another birthday party for our great country has come and gone – and now the 5th of July has just about closed down for the night.  It was a very long, but wonderful day on the crystal clear blue water of Redfish Bay.  When the alarm went off at 5: 00 a.m. (aka O’Dark Thirty) it was tough not hit the snooze button more than four times – but knowing that Fred (aka TrailBoss) had the boat ready to go with poles and provisions for a day of fishing.  The goal for today was to catch enough trout and redfish to provide dinner for the gang down here at the Coast.

We did have a good day on the water – what is it that they say . . . a bad day fishing beats a good day in the office!  Brian landed two reds while Jean brought in a snapper and two trouts.  In between a couple of hardheads, a black tipped shark and a couple of rat reds found their way to onto our hooks.  All in all it so great to be out on the water.

Our real excitement was when while fishing off the coast of Dagger Island, a VERY large ship was moving across the ship channel and as result sent a VERY large wake heading our way.  Now keep in mind this ship was like 3 miles away from us – so as the wake gained momentum it grew in size and speed.  In less than 20 seconds we were hit with not one, but two 3-4 foot waves that set us on our toes and the boat to more than a 45 degree angle.  Luckily, and we mean VERY luckily, Fred had hollered at Brian to get the anchor up and in lightning speed mission was accomplished and although hit broadside we managed to stay right side up – Jean must admit that she’s never had a wave crash over her shoulder-high while standing on a boat.  Brian was on the downside and managed to hit the deck before being drenched.  A big thank you to our Heavenly Father for making sure we survived to fish another day.

As crazy as it sounds, within a minute of the above excitement was over the seas returned to normal.  We continued to fish for about 5 more hours.  Again – it was a great day to be on the water AND it was a wonderful meal was enjoyed by all.

For tonight’s wine we ventured into the HEB in Portland and found an interesting label called Arrogant Frog – aka Lily Pad Red.  The 2010 blend is a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  The wine is French in origin and although our great nation has received many a nice gift from our neighbors – this wine is one that we would most likely return and not ask for seconds.  Upon opening it has a tart, musty, earthy smell and the taste puckered up our lips so quickly that our heads spun.  The finish came and went quick as a snap – translation – going, going, gone.  As you can probably guess – this wine will not make the Bondy Deck Wine list.

Welp, time for bed – O’Dark Thirty returns in a few short hours and these two fisherpeople are needing some rest.  Have a wonderful evening, and as always remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible.


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Day 307: Red, White and Blue . . .

Four score and 237 years ago, a group of men got together and laid out a plan for the birth of a new nation–for the home that we call The United States of America.  These patriots of the day were so convinced that Great Britain was the enemy of freedom loving men and thus we must separate ourselves from them sooner rather than later.

Reading the Declaration of Independence, which to this day is one of the best pieces of prose ever written. . .and it’s been well-documented that Thomas Jefferson — author of the Declaration — went through draft after draft before arriving at the version presented.  Looking at the signers of the document, illustrates how difficult it must have been to sign a document that would ultimately lead to a war for Independence.  Great stuff!  However, we digress because on this Independence Day, we jumped in the Jeep and headed for the coast to track down our own versions of the Redcoats. . .well, actually, Redfish!  After a terrific evening on the water watching some amazing fireworks over Port Aransas. . .yep, we were sitting in a boat on the water relaxing and watching the show–not a bad way to spend the 4th!  Next up is a fishing trip with Trail Boss to see what the Bays can give us tomorrow morning.

Our wine tonight seemed appropriate, and coming from the Hope Family Winery…makers of Treana and Troublemaker varieties, we felt like it was the perfect choice!  Tonight we opened a 2010 Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles, California.  Yep, we stopped at the Hope Family Winery during our visit there this past October, but strangely enough, we never tasted the Liberty School wines. At the end of the day, the wine isn’t too shabby.  Yes, we know, that’s hardly an endorsement of the wine.  Well, it’s true. . .it’s a nice little wine. . .good nose, good fruit on the palate and a nice finish.  It’s not going to cause you to seek your own Independence, but it will help you salute the Stars and Stripes.  In all fairness, we decided on this wine because — well, because of its’ name.  How could we blog about a wine on Independence Day that didn’t have something in its’ blood about our country. . and Liberty is what we’re all about!

The hardest part about enjoying this 2010 Liberty School Cab is that we got in from the fireworks after 11 p.m. and tomorrow, the boat is leaving the dock at 5:30 for some –hopefully — excellent bay fishing!  Would we buy this wine again?  Possibly, under similar circumstances; would we recommend this wine, yes, because if you need a value priced wine that comes from a good family and displays characteristics of wines that cost significantly more, than this is a wine to try.  With a price point under $12 a bottle, the cost won’t set you back and you’ll enjoy a bottle of wine that has gotten a lot of press!

We hope you’ve had a terrific Independence Day.  With Friday on the horizon, we hope that whether you’re working, retired or have the day off, that you’ll continue to thrive on the spirit of independence–which is what makes our country such an amazing place to live.  Please enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and remember to recycle whenever possible.

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Day 268 – Fiesta San Antonio

Messina Hof ShirazAfter leaving our good friends in Aransas Pass today, we kept an eye on the sky to make sure that the rains (though VERY welcome) didn’t dampen the rest of our weekend with the girls and their boyfriends!  It’s been an amazingly fun weekend with the girls, with friends and enjoying what mother nature has to offer…be it wind, rain or sun…the weather isn’t as important as the friendships!  We understand through well placed sources that the fishing TODAY was much better than the fishing YESTERDAY.  At least one source has confirmed that the Redfish in the Bay were biting today — unlike yesterday.

We did make a stop in San Antonio and hit the Alamo, the Riverwalk and the Mercado – the best part (other than us all just being together) was the people watching.  Amazing how many people were out and about on a beautiful Sunday afternoon after a Saturday full of rain and flooding.  It was special to sit and have a snack on the Riverwalk and just spend time with the girls, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.  What a treat to laugh the afternoon away before heading home to San Marcos and eventually a late dinner and more laughing around the dinner table – these are precious times.

T0night’s wine is a 2010 Shiraz from Messina Hof and features a great nose, full-body flavor and extras smooth flavors.  You can’t go wrong with this fabulous flavor display of rich, dark blackberry and spice with lingering vanilla tones. Grown in the Red River Valley. Double Barrel Aged in European and American oak, this Shiraz demonstrates the grandeur of Texas and is perfectly suited for our Texas climate. It’s hearty and robust, yet well-balanced. This Shiraz is wonderful with beef, lamb, pork and even grilled salmon. It is a Double Gold medal winner at the Tasters Guild International Consumer Wine Judging, winner of the Grand Star of Texas at the Lone Star International and a gold medal winner at the Indy International Wine Competition.  According to the wine maker, “Planted in 1988 in Denison, Texas. The elevation is at 619 feet , and this vineyard has sandy-loam soil that is four miles from the Red River. A very unique wine featuring smooth and silky flavors of rich berries. Gold medal winner. Perfectly complements beef, lamb, and fowl.”  Needless to say, this wine is a winner and is meant to be enjoyed!

The wine exhibits a terrific nose of fruit and spice; we couldn’t believe how smooth this wine SMELLED!  That’s right—smooth!  The taste was equally as impressive, but restrained because, Texas wines just seem to miss out on what the fruit can actually taste like!  The finish and body of this wine are both top notch.  We can’t imagine a better looking, better tasting bottle of wine from our fair state!  The wine went with kung pao chicken tonight and was a terrific complement to sitting on the deck and enjoying the fruits of mother nature’s rainfalls. . . It’s a wine meant to be shared with family, friends or all of the above – which we did in abundance over the past several nights!!!

Until tomorrow, please remember to enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and recycle whenever possible!