casa del vino

Where wine is on the table everyday

The Family

Our immediate family consists of five girls – two of the two-legged kind who prefer to remain anonymous (think they are embarrassed of us . . . hmmmm wonder why?), and three of the four-legged variety who love us for who we are and don’t care much about our antics (as long as they are fed, watered and all those other things – including getting to sleep on the bed).  All three were adopted from the Pound and mutts.

The Girls

Pepper Anne is the Queen Bee.  She has been with us for nine years, is a Distemper survivor and keeps the other two in line (or perhaps they just let her think so because of her age).  She likes to sit in a chair instead of laying on the deck.  Bottom line is what Pepper wants . . . Pepper gets.

Andie Sue is the misunderstood middle child.  She battles good (Pepper) and evil (Jasmine) every day.  Most times she wins because she is the biggest.  She is a red colored chocolate Lab – she doesn’t like to get wet, so not really too sure about the Lab part.

Jasmine Marie is . . . well, there are no words because Jasmine is just Jasmine.  She has been known to climb walls, walk on railings and has never met a stranger.  Fortunately, her body has grown to fit her head.  She is a Boxer mix so there is never a dull moment when she is around.

The Granddog

Bridget Jones

The GrandDog – yes, it’s official, we are the proud grandparents of Bridget Jones – she belongs to Daughter #1 – and we couldn’t be happier. She is a pistol, but we love her nonetheless – she is a Whippet mix, so all are having fun with that.

Adventures of Pepper, Andie and Jasmine

I like the Jeep – how about you?  Smooth ride!

I call shotgun !


2 thoughts on “The Family

  1. I sing in a barbershop quartet “Cul-De-Sac. Our name is base on the “hair line” of the four of us. (balding in the middle with a cul-de-sac fringe around the outside. A friend found bottle of your Cul-de-Sac wine and gave it to us. I would like to purchase three more for the other guys in the quartet.

    Can you help?

    Robert A. Doerring
    715 W 5th. St. S.
    Newton, Iowa 50208

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your nice note. Sadly, we don’t make the wine – just found it at our local supermarket. You might check and see what your Kroger has in stock or a local wine/beer store.

      Good luck – would love to hear more about your quartet!

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