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Day 272: Lewis & Clark Were On To Something . . .

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1805 Cab1805 is a new wine venture that pays tribute to one of life’s great expeditions and the need that each of us has to explore. For some individuals, the need to explore comes from the great outdoors. For others, it is the need to acquire a new interest or language. And for others, it is the discovery of wine. The folks at 1805 Wines have based their brand on the principle of discovery that is rooted in the great tradition of America’s foremost explorers, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. In 1804 Lewis and Clark were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase and undertake a scientific expedition across the American continent to the Pacific Coast. On this legendary 18-month expedition with Lewis and Clark were Sacajawea and a host of characters who explored, fought, and mapped the lands and rivers westward from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. The expedition’s “Corps of Discovery” included the Missouri River, the Rocky Mountains, the Columbia River, and finally in 1805, the corps’ ultimate prize, the Columbia Valley in what is now eastern Washington. Within twenty years of Lewis and Clark’s expedition, a hardy group of erudite pioneers had “discovered” the ideal climate and soil of Columbia Valley. This stalwart band recognized the value of the valley’s high-desert plains and well-drained soils for the cultivation of the vine and planted the area’s first grape vines.

You gotta love wines that take their name from a date in the past; and this 1805 is going to grab your attention!  It’s a wine that borders on the line of seduction, but clearly doesn’t follow through in practice.  You’ll be mesmerized by the nose. . .a true cab aroma backed by terrific fruit from Washington.  The essence of blackberries and raspberries are really prevalent when first pouring the wine and with hints of cedar and an earthiness that kind of hides in the background, we were excited for what the taste was going to be like!  The first sip is all about anticipation. . .we thought there was a nice balance of fruit with the tannins, but the finish is where the honeymoon came to an end.  We both were disappointed by the finish of this wine. . .or lack of finish. . .or ANY finish.  For the most part, after tasting fruit on the front of the palate, the finish was nonexistent.  Here we had a really nice wine–good color, good nose, good taste in the mouth–but in the end?  There was no end.  We understand this. . .some wines just can’t deliver all of the keys to a mind-blowing tasting.  This 1805 is an example of hitting on all cylinders until the final call–as most who read this know, we like a wine that will finish long and smooth.  This wine finish short and short!  Now, in fairness to the wine and the wine maker, it’s a 2010 wine and some of these cabs from Washington take a little more time to mature than others. . .could be an opportunity for 1805 to shine in the future.  We picked this wine up while shopping at HEB in Kyle for less than $11 -not quite the expedition that L & C had – but will do in a pinch.

History is pretty cool.  American history is even cooler as far as we’re concerned.  When we think about our country back in 1805; we realize that in a little over 200 years, we have come a LONG way.  One of those long ways is in wine production; wine sales and wine consumption.  But, we said one of those long ways. . .yes, but the key word is wine!

We hope that you’ll enjoy your favorite wine responsibly and please remember to recycle whenever possible.


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