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Day 349 – Thinking Outside The Box

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chocolate box cabSo, back in November, we thought that we had the perfect Thanksgiving gift. . .yep, how nice is it to get the gift of chocolate?  We actually enjoyed a very nice bottle of Chocolate Box Shiraz from Australia.  Looking back on that night, we were amazed at the fruit, the finish and the name!  It was the stuff that has kept us searching for new and tastier wines. . .yeah, November. . .like a really, really long time ago!

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the years it’s that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. . .and with Chocolate Box we learned that there is definitely fire after the smoke!  BUT, before we even get close to that, we need to talk about today. . .here we are on August 15th and amazing things are happening all around us!  Today, we learned that Brian’s nephew and his wife became parents to a baby boy named Dean Louis.  The miracle of life is that when given a chance, adoption is so much better for the mother, the baby and the parents who have adopted.  It’s a labor of love that can’t be measured.  So, tonight we raise a glass and toast Kevin and Jenny–welcome to parenthood!  Let the fun begin!

On top of that awesome news, we also are excited about D#1’s first day of school coming up on Monday.  If awards were given out for classroom decoration, preparation and style, well, we KNOW who’d win!  Yeah, we’re very biased.  Beyond the obvious has been a couple of weeks of hard work, intense preparation and desire to help these young students feel welcome.  Geez, wouldn’t it be nice if that was the way it was in every class–in every school?  Clearly, we’re proud parents of a teacher.  Taking the gifts that God has given and developing them is absolutely no different than an athlete who goes from high school to college to professional ball.  Why?  Because talent plus desire plus effort equals success. . .and it doesn’t matter whether you’re earning millions in the NFL, MLB or NBA or you’re teaching 2nd Graders somewhere in Austin, Texas.  It’s all the same–the compensation is what’s different!!!  In the case of D#2, we’re really looking forward to a visit later this month–sailing lessons, regattas, summer school, traveling down the coast. . .so much going on, sometimes our heads start spinning, but then again she is a fine young lady who is getting better and better EVERY DAY!!!  And today wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to Jean’s sister, Sara.  Sara is an exceptional professional with an national grocery store company based in Cincinnati who is working in the Seattle, Washington area.  All we’ll say is that a nice note to a colleague, helped a young man who just graduated from San Marcos High School get his first job.  You gotta have a PASSION for people to be successful in life.  It doesn’t matter what you’re calling–teaching, human resources, medical. . .it’s always going to be about the people.  Thanks, Sara. . .we already know that your kindness has made a DIFFERENCE!!!

Tonight, we stepped outside the Box!  Yep, we’d been down this path before but when Twin Liquors started their Closeout Sale, we found an old friend with a different varietal!  Chocolate Box is a label from Australia. . .back in November, we tasted and blogged about Chocolate Box Shiraz and it was very tasty.  So, imagine our surprise (and delight) when at the Twin Liquors in San Marcos, we found a 2009 Chocolate Box Cabernet Sauvignon on closeout for $10!  Yeah. . .we thought so! Rated at 88-90 points from Wine Spectator, we already know that we’re dealing with a big, bold wine!  One liquor emporium, Argonaut Liquors put it this way, “Color: Deep Ruby Red with Crimson Hues. Bouquet: Ripe Black Currant with subtle vanilla oak lift. Palate: Beautiful ripe cassis fruit, lifted by minty chocolate and silky oak finish. Food Matches: Roast legs of lamb infused with garlic and rosemary.”  From our perspective, yes, yes, and YES!  All of the above and more!  This is delicious wine. . .this is amazing wine. . .this is Australian wine!  We have to give them credit, the Aussies, they know how to make big, tasty wines!

Thankfully, tomorrow brings about a weekend in the middle of August.  Students are returning to San Marcos in droves. . .and schools are gearing up for the 2013-2014 school year.

For us, we hope that you’ll find enjoyment and responsibility in your favorite wine, and remember to recycle the bottle when finished!!


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