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At Last: The Top Ten Bondy Deck Wines . . .

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Wow, has it really been almost a month since we sat down and wrote something for the blog?  Hard for us to believe – it’s been super busy around these parts, if fact we aren’t too sure where the last 30 days have gone . . . and more importantly, how we ever found the time to sit down and write every night for 365 straight days – WHEW!

Good news from the Polling front – yes, we waited longer than expected to post results . . . simply because we haven’t made the effort to check!  Thank you to all of you who took time to vote (with so many votes cast – we think some people need to get out a bit more often – just sayin’) . . . several ties and therefore we are just going to rattle off the Top Ten!

As Jackie Gleason always said . . . “and away we go” – – hope some of yours made the list – if not, you should have voted.


Number 10 – Day 180

   lock & key meritage

Number 9 – Day 16

6th Sense

Number 8 – Day 144

Jade Mountain

Number 7 – Day 19

Sea Smoke

Number 6 – Day 90

Naked Chard

Number 5 – Day 17


Number 4 – Day 162

Crush - Dreaming Tree

Number 3 – Day 27

Petite Petite

Number 2 – Day 197

Bogle - Essential Red

and the Number 1 Bondy Deck Wine is . . . .

Day 36

Mr. Black's Little Book

Thanks again for playing along with us!  We’ve actually tried a few new wines since the “official 365” ended and will blog about those soon.  In the meantime, send us any more of your favorites and we’ll give them a taste.

As always, remember to enjoy responsibly and recycle whenever possible. (For the record, our recycle bin isn’t nearly as full as it has been – think the trash people are happy they don’t have to lift it and hear the crashing of glass!)


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